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  1. Works for me also. The dialer pops-up with the number entered, then you have to press dial. Samsung Galaxy Nexus android 4.1.1 EN 4.1 public Regards, Gary
  2. Imason, thanks! I realize I can direct the import, but have been scanning with EN closed. Who knows what notebook was open last. I had hoped that I could designate a notebook to collect incoming scans, to be sorted at a later time. Regards, Gary
  3. Hi, This scanner is listed in the "Trunk". When it's set up correctly it scans directly into Evernote. It's almost really nice. What's missing is the ability to direct the import of of the pdfs to a consistent notebook. The default notebook that normally applies isn't in play. I posted here because it's to a windows client. Does anyone have experience this with this. Regards, Gary
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