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  1. I can't find it, if it exists. Notes deleted on Android do show up in the trash on the web. Regards, Gary
  2. I'm quite happy with the changes to Evernote for Android. It is becoming more like the desktop version all the time. Adding attachments(from the main screen) to a note is very useful. It is simple and quick. There is a list of sources to pick from, Dropbox, OfficeSuite, etc. Given that it's Android, Google Drive would seem to be an obvious addition. Regards, Gary
  3. Thanks for returning the markup option. Thanks also for the info on the option to turn the auto open on a screen shot off. For the future, when I move the mouse over an image, the mark up indicator appears. It's in the right click menu, I could do without the constant auto appearance. Regards, Gary
  4. @V Desai It does allow for this. I don't know if the format matters. (xxx) xxx-xxxx works for me. Nexus 5 Android 4.4.2 EN 5.6.1 Regards, Gary
  5. Scott, Yeah. It's new and can't find a way to turn it off. I know I'm whining, but I take a lot of screen captures. It's gets annoying to keep closing the window. Regards, Gary
  6. There used to be a problem with merging screen grabs until there are no gaps between them. I'm happy to report that appears to have been resolved. Unfortunately, there is a new glitch. When I grab a screen shot, Skitch automatically opens to edit it. Sadly, I do not wish to edit it. By the way, I do get the image in my notes, but I have to close Skitch every time. Windows 7 EN (270046) Prerelease Regards, Gary
  7. The blog announcing the public version has a photo showing the notebook picker. How is it accessed? I'm not very bright, I can't seem to find it. Regards, Gary
  8. The various platform teams stay fairly close to each other in features. It is true that whenever I watch a video or see pictures of work areas the machines are usually Macs. Apple appears to be the favored personal platform for the employees. It doesn't seem to interfere with keeping things pretty equal. Money is money, Windows and Android are probably pretty large contributors to the user base. Regards, Gary
  9. Mark me down as in agreement. I could do without "Explore Evernote" also. I want to say that the selections used to be wider, which is good. The real estate is too limited. On a menu somewhere would be OK. These are not everyday selections. Regards, Gary
  10. Reminders don't completely clear. This was true of the previous version also. Setting a reminder adds the reminder window at the top of the notes list. Clearing the reminder has the note showing the reminder cleared, but the notification window and the count remain. Going to the Web shows no reminder. Set a reminder, clear it, then returning to Windows and syncing finally removes it. Regards, Gary
  11. An app called "Web Page Clipper(for Evernote)" is another option. It works pretty well. Provides a choice between URL or full page. You need to open an account with them, it's activated through the "Share" menu. Regards, Gary
  12. In Chrome, you simply use the "Print" command from the Chrome menu(upper right corner). Regards, Gary
  13. @ameliajoanne If it's a bug, it has been there through many versions. I know of no way to change it. The app appears to consider spaces simply white space, 1 space, 5 spaces, it's all the same Sometimes it removes the extras, sometimes it doesn't. Regards, Gary
  14. @dlu Thank-you very much for the highlighter. Regards, Gary
  15. If this simply has not been added back to the new UI yet, I get it. If it has been intentionally removed to improve the aesthetic, just wow... Regards, Gary
  16. I can not address Apple devices directly, but the ability to download notes to the device for offline consumption requires a premium membership. Regards, Gary
  17. Since I have made the mistake several times, you have to finish by clicking the check mark in the upper-left corner. Regards, Gary
  18. It's nice to have reminders. I'll echo the comments of the count being +1. Thanks for widening the scroll bars. Any color or shading to differentiate the sections would really be welcomed. It's just plain silly to not be able to tell the type of a notebook without right clicking for the properties window. The icons worked just fine, differentiated local, personal, shared & default notebooks at a glance. Regards, Gary
  19. @gbarry, Just a suggestion. The Android screen lock offers the option to unlock with a pattern. It's much quicker, and thus less obtrusive. Regards, Gary
  20. @JMicheal "Have you tried CTRL+W ? This is the Windows standard shortcut to close a window." Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately this does not function either. It does in the rest of Windows, but not in EN. Regards, Gary
  21. Jeff, I can't be sure this is the posters point, but in past versions a note opened in a separate window and with focus closed with "esc". You didn't need to take your hands off the keyboard. It no longer functions. It was useful if you used ctrl-alt-N to pop up a quick note, then simply "esc" and your are done. Regards, Gary
  22. Not that it matters, but above the notes gets my vote. If I search, that's where I'm looking for a result. I don't refine my searches down to a single note. Too much trouble. I search for a small subset that allows me to easily visually pick from the reduced note list. Regards, Gary
  23. Assuming the eye of the beholder has 20/20 vision and also has no problems with shade differences in the subtle color differences of the UI, then the new version will be fine. Tastes do differ. For me, I feel like I'm going blind looking at an undifferentiated snowfield. Regards, Gary
  24. @jmedlin Yes. It filled in version 4 with "enter", requires a selection then "enter in 5. I have machines with each versions, so I double checked. It's not a huge problem, but I'm creating a number of new, useless tags in the mean time. I'm a slow learner. Regards, Gary
  25. In my case, the auto completion has changed. It doesn't pick a match automatically. Even if I have only 1 tag that matches the typed text, it still requires that I select from the drop down list(or finish typing the whole thing). Otherwise it creates a new tag when I press enter. This is not the case with the last version. It would fill in the whole tag & search when there was nothing left to eliminate. Regards, Gary
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