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  1. I have credit card statements in PDF from American Express that are encrypted and cannot be annotated in Evernote. At the moment I have to print it out and do it with a pen and paper. So I don't understand why encrypted PDF cannot be printed? I just bought a new iPad Air which supports Apple pencil and it will be handy if I can do it without printing it out to save paper and also that I can carry the documents without scanning them again.
  2. FYI, Evernote support have acknowledged the issue and has been reported by other users too. They said they are working on it but there is no estimated timeframe so we can just wait for a fix whenever they decide to roll it out..
  3. The issue is related to iOS since that's what I use it on. I only installed it on Android to test because you were mentioning about it is an Apple related thing not Evernote specific. I don't understand why it appears they are doing more processing either. Like I said, the only other app I see that have this "Moments" Album is Gmail and it loads up instantly from that. I have already submitted a ticket and waiting for their reply now. Thanks
  4. Steps for adding photos: 1. On a note, click the "+" icon on the bottom left of a note 2. Choose Add from Photos 3. From a List of "Album" try to pick 1 to find the photo. The first 1 on top is "Moments" which does not show the number of photos inside unlike every other album. 4. Usual reaction is to click on the fist 1 from the list. The app will stop respond for about 30 second until it finish the processing. Choosing any other Album the photos will render instantly and there is no issues with it. Usually I will now have to look for "Recent" which happens to be the 5th from the list. Also I have also now tried a few more apps to identify the behaviour of adding photos. Whatsapp, Dropbox Facebook all does not have the Album "Moments" The only other app I have found that has it is Gmail, however Gmail will load up the Album instantly rather than a 30 second delay in Evernote. I have also just installed Evernote on my other Android phone to test it out, the interface is completely different and it doesn't have the "Moments" album either.
  5. Thanks I will now try to contact them by email now. I do know of other work around for now but it is just not something that's very practical when you do it so often. I have been paying Evernote for a few years already and I only recall this happening since the last few months.. it was never a problem before.
  6. Hi guys, I have been a long time Evernote user and has been getting very frustrated lately because I have to create a lot of notes that requires me adding from photos on my phone. I noticed that when you add a photo from the phone, the first option that comes up from the Album list is called "Moments". It appears to be something unique to Evernote as that isn't an Album that appears in other apps or when I try to view it from "Photos" app on the phone itself. With it being the first 1 in the list, that would usually be the one you choose to try and pick the photo. However it will then take at least 30 seconds to process before it will come up with anything. I can tell the app is trying to process all these data and the photos appear to be the same ones that appear from the "Recent" photos but with additional information such as the location of the photo etc. While I don't mind seeing those additional information, but having it taking 30 seconds + before you can do anything is just plain stupid and pretty much render this being useless. Now when picking from the "Recents" photos instead it will just shows up instantly as expected like any other app when trying to view/pick photos. The "Recents" album shows that I have 24526 photos count. It is not exactly a small number but I don't think that should be relevant since I think I am not the only person with this on a phone. For testing purposes I have tried this on my iPad instead and since I don't really use it to take any photos "Moments" album would get rendered instantly. (I have 97 photos on that iPad only) Being required to use this functions many times lately it just really frustrates me as I often just would choose the "Moments" album without thinking then I would just basically force close the app since I don't have time to wait for it to load up, and choosing from "Recents" album instead is also very time consuming as it is the 5th option and I don't even know how it is sorted and I have to spend an extra few seconds to find it from the list. Does anyone else find this annoying? Is there a way to resolve this by at least putting Recents back to the top or being automatically selected? I did also try to delete the app and reinstall it didn't help anything so I don't think it is a phone specific issue.
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