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  1. There's no passcode, it's just PDFs that are protected. And yes, I use a different software to annotate them as Evernote doesn't, for some odd reason.
  2. I deal with dozens of PDFs a day, most of them encrypted. Decrypting and re-encrypting every single one of them would be a lot of lost time. Besides, I don't get your reply, at all. Every single thing Evernote does already exists with other software, but Evernote represents a simple, intuitive interface for aggregating it all. Isn't that the point? To save time and make working more efficient? When competitors offer this feature and Evernote doesn't, it seems to me like it's just willing ignorance of a certain portion of users, letting them leave to the competitor.
  3. Many people have been waiting for this for a long time, and a plethora of competitor products provide this option. The fact that other apps offer it must mean that there are no legal issues with this feature, so why not just add it? Let's be clear, that right now any annotation feature that doesn't work with encrypted PDFs is semi useless.
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