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  1. +1 (both rename and drag/drop notebooks) Seems very odd that this standard feature is missing from the MacOS version (available in Windows EN and most other equivalent MacOS apps)
  2. Thanks again jefito for your suggestion but this isn't quite the solution I was looking for. Any other suggestions? There must be many others who have issues with this limitation on using Chrome with Evernote. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Not a perfect solution but better than my current setup (if I set the Evernote Import Folder as the default download folder in Chrome, it should be more efficient). What's the best source on setting up an import folder?
  4. I use Evernote for professional research where I have to handle a lot of PDF documents (reports, papers, presentations etc). After switching to Chrome recently for unrelated reasons, I've encountered a problem with how it handles PDFs/Evernote. I've trawled the forum for an answer but I haven't been able to find an exact match. When I open a PDF in Chrome (using the Chrome PDF Viewer plug-in), I'm unable to save this PDF to Evernote. Sometimes the print-to-PDF-save-to-Evernote trick works but more often than not it's a poor fix (wrong orientation or printing doesn't work). The only reliable alternative is to turn off the Chrome PDF Viewer, save the PDF to the harddrive and then right-click on the file and use "Open With >> Evernote" Or I could switch back to Safari where this works flawlessly. Chrome is a better browser for me in all other respects. I even like the EN extension as it allows me to clip to EN in one step -- I just wish I could work out how to deal with the PDF. Is there a neat solution I've missed? If not, is this a temporary problem or a structural issue with Chrome? Thank you.
  5. I've been using the alpha version on one of my two computers for about a week now and have not had any problems. In fact, it seems as stable - if not more - than the old version. I never fully understood the demand for folders but now that I have access to "stacks" on mac 2.0 alpha, I must confess that they're extremely useful. Over time, perhaps another layer or two could be added - but I don't see the need for an infinite number of layers. If that's how you organize your data/information/knowledge, use idisk or dropbox, not EN. The improved sharing option is enormously helpful and has given me the confidence to recommend evernote to more users. It's a real game changer, in my view, if you can implement this function well. I will add my vote to the people who have asked for improved text editing. I use evernote on mac and ipad (and to a lesser degree iphone) and the inconsistent formatting (both mac and ipad), and inability to edit/create rich text notes on the ipad are a tremendous source on frustration. Not enough to make me abandon EN. But now that sharing has been improved, I think formatting should move into its place as the #1 priority. PS Many thanks for a great product. Now, please find a way to let your premium subscribers buy stock in company pre-IPO. You have a very loyal base who clearly see the value of what you do.
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