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  1. Well, it worked fine that time. So maybe I should just be more careful when snapping documents to make sure they appear in the body of the note as well as in the thumbnail. If I catch it again, I''ll repost.
  2. Perhaps this is bad practice, but I have had the desktop app and a Chrome tab open since I first posted three days ago. I'm going to try a minimal example.
  3. I can't tell exactly how large they are, but I would guess in the 400K-1MB range. Three days later, the images still don't appear in the note.
  4. When I attach photos of documents to my notes in Evernote on the iPhone, I see thumbnails in the note list, but not when viewing/editing the note. The note text syncs through the cloud and shows up in my Evernote desktop, and I can see some thumbnails, but not all of them. Also cannot see the attachments when viewing/editing the note on desktop (or web).
  5. I am still noticing the same behavior. CTRL+CMD+V from Mail will paste into a new note in Evernote with a link back to the Mail message. But I can't copy that link from the URL field of the created note into any other note. The OK button is greyed out.
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