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  1. I been trying to get this fixed since last September. Tech support is still not sure why this keeps happening. highly suggest opening up a ticket with them. If more people are identified as having this problem maybe it will get more visibility. Personally, my notes and tags disappear when I use the "Ctrl+Q" search function. I've had to follow the instructions from tech support for repopulating notes/tags etc. I lost all my information at least half a dozen times. Please contact tech support and let me know here how it goes.
  2. Web clipper in Chrome will not complete clipping ANY web site. It just hangs with a circle spinning under the word "organize". Doesn't even work on the evernote web site.
  3. Thanks but logging out/in did not work. Neither did rebooting. I'll bet the problem is that for some reason EN desktop thinks I have a business account...which I do not. I am on the pre-release version on EN Win.
  4. I was using Windows desktop version as usual, and while I was in the program, everything disappeared. Notes, folders, tags. I was still logged in. So I logged out and back in...everything is still gone. At the top of the page it says "Business Notebooks". I do not have a business account. Perhaps that is the problem. Everything seems ok on web version and my iPhone. I have >20k notes.
  5. Yes, please bring back the ability to search for notes by tag, which previously worked perfectly! The current search capability is clearly less user friendly with respect to tags.
  6. I can't get the app to open. It crashes on trying to enter the passcode to unlock screen. Tried swiping the app closed and rebooting. Did not work. So uninstalled and reinstalled. That worked for a couple hours then same problem. Now I have no access to any data. Cannot find way to submit ticket to Evernote in iOS which is all I have available. iOS 8.1.2 EN 7.6.3 Premium accounts for years.
  7. So I uninstalled and reinstalled. Then redownloaded our data over several hours for offline. It worked for a couple hours but once again won't open. EN crashes when trying to login via fingerprint. I can't get EN to open at all. cant access EN at all and need important documents ASAP.
  8. Nothing worked; kept crashing despite reboot..had to uninstall EN and reinstall iPhone 6+ iOS 8.1.2
  9. Thanks. Good ideas... Yes, I meant notebooks, not folders... We have a premium account that we share. I guess I could create a free account for each child. Then share each child's notebook from the premium account with their own individual free account. I'd really like for the kids to have the ability to: view their own individual notes add new notes but NOT delete notes.....(is there a way to prevent the ability to delete notes?)
  10. We have a premium account for our family. Separate folder for each child in the one account. Each child has an iPhone. I'd like for each child to be able to see ONLY his/her own folder in the account on his/her iPhone...NOT be able to see the other siblings folders. Is there a way to do this? TJ
  11. +1 on above It would really be helpful to be able to change multiple notes that have reminders while in the reminders section...eg: -due date (this is the biggest one) -tags Thanks
  12. Thanks, but how can you roll back if you can't open the program in the first place? Addendum: I figured out how to roll back... Addendum 2: roll back worked...working ok on
  13. Maybe the same problem here. Win 8.1 EN most recent pre-release version that updated within the past day Use 2 factor authentication Worked ok initially. However, after signing out of EN and closing (and rebooting PC), EN asks me to provide account password to be able to synchronize. When entering my password, the entire program disappears from the screen. Tried rebooting PC, no help.
  14. So now with 7.01 on the iPhone, Market is 1.5 inches tall. This is completely unacceptable, especially for paid accounts. I've been with Evernote since 2008 and have two premium accounts. We should be up in arms about this. Clearly, from a users perspective, Evernote should make Announcements and Market optional...at least for premium accounts. I love Evernote, and hope to continue to do so, but am losing a bit of trust here.
  15. Thanks for your continued work to improve. I like the overall look and feel of the newest version. Couple notes on newest version in iOS7 is typically slower than previous version and intermittently freezes..perhaps it's syncing in background and user can't see that? we need an easier way to manually sync..an icon on the main screen please add list viewEN user since 2008.
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