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  1. Just to be thorough... I am having no further issues with local notebooks after the 6.10 GA update/
  2. Thanks for the heads up! I don't have local notebooks at work, so I have to wait til tonight to test. I'll follow up with my results later.
  3. Just installed new beta (v6.10.2) and... NO CHANGE IN ISSUE! That's disappointing...
  4. Anybody else having issues moving notes to a local notebook? To be clear - I can create new notes directly in a local notebook. But I cannot drag notes from a synced notebook to a local notebook. This behavior has been happening for me for probably two or three minor version updates. I am on (306801) Prerelease . I have also tried creating a new local notebook and the behavior is the same. Any ideas ?
  5. You would be surprised how much reindexing helps. I would say that is should be an annual task; especially if you have alot of note deletes or are making wholesale changes to tags and tag hierarchy.
  6. I also am looking for the suggestions moonbox makes: font choice for code block / larger font size syntax highlighting in code blocks
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