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  1. Just to be thorough... I am having no further issues with local notebooks after the 6.10 GA update/
  2. Thanks for the heads up! I don't have local notebooks at work, so I have to wait til tonight to test. I'll follow up with my results later.
  3. Care to elaborate if the fix will be in the next beta?
  4. Just installed new beta (v6.10.2) and... NO CHANGE IN ISSUE! That's disappointing...
  5. Anybody else having issues moving notes to a local notebook? To be clear - I can create new notes directly in a local notebook. But I cannot drag notes from a synced notebook to a local notebook. This behavior has been happening for me for probably two or three minor version updates. I am on (306801) Prerelease . I have also tried creating a new local notebook and the behavior is the same. Any ideas ?
  6. You would be surprised how much reindexing helps. I would say that is should be an annual task; especially if you have alot of note deletes or are making wholesale changes to tags and tag hierarchy.
  7. The SHIFT - ALT - T does exactly as I was looking for. I think I actually knew about that and forgot it. Thanks for the reminder! I have some saved searches so I agree with you about their usefulness. However, I setup my tags to work as filters and / or couplers , so it is pretty easy to do multi tag searches and get my results dynamically rather than lots of saved searches but I do appreciate the point .
  8. I would love the ability to be able to search / match more than one tag while using CTRL-Q functionality. I have tags that represent things like YEAR or MONTH as well as tags for PEOPLE or TOPICS along with lots of others. I am looking to be able to search for two tags that together filter my results greater than one tag alone. you can do multi tag searches for the "Search Notes" window but not from Ctrl-Q (as far as I know). Example: tag:Powershell tag:2016 would produce all my Powershell docs I created this year and it works flawlessly in the "Search Notes" section so I know it's possible. I am just trying to avoid have to type syntax like tag: in order to make complex searches. I could go on with more examples but I think it makes sense already. I think that would be immensely useful if I could just type the name of two tags and evernote recognize that they are tags and return the results accordingly.
  9. I also am looking for the suggestions moonbox makes: font choice for code block / larger font size syntax highlighting in code blocks
  10. I cannot drag / reorganize tags since the upgrade. After reading the thread, my problems seem closely related. I also have a very long list of tags and smaller list of notebooks.
  11. Gents... I recently stumbled across an add-on browser extension for Gmail that allows Evernote integration. I have only been using for about 5 days but so far it is very useful to me. it is called powerbot for Gmail - http://powerbotapps.com/ . I believe there are extensions for chrome and firefox (and others). It won't allow multiple emails into Evernote at once but it does allow you directly save Gmail emails to Evernote just like the web clipper (tagging, notebook selection, etc). Also, you can pull data from Evernote into Gmail. I have no affiliation with this app other than to say it seems useful and I have benefited form it. Check it out, it may help you...
  12. Three Requests would make me a happy camper... - Keyboard Shortcut to increase / decrease font size - ability to add a couple of fav colors to the toolbar. Having to click a dropdown every time to pick either RED, BLUE or PURPLE gets old. - I too am worried about going "all in" with Evernote. Exporting to a standard format would me feel a little better.
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