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  1. I vote for the reminder button. It was essential. Also Email a copy and Share.
  2. I did so. The problem persists. It turns out Evernote web is not supported on iOS, so that's part of it. Nevertheless, I still have the bug which tells me I have to revoke a device.
  3. I am having the issue where I am told I to upgrade and disconnect devices. I am not clear if this is connected to the password issue in this thread. Is it? I don't have access to my notes or the ability to passwords because of this upgrade notice. What to do?
  4. Me, too, as they say. However, I see this on the Mac and iOS. Sometimes, the affected notes refresh on the Mac, sometimes not.
  5. I agree, as well. Readability helps productivity. I can't the fonts as I create this post; how about EN?
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