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  1. I vote for the reminder button. It was essential. Also Email a copy and Share.
  2. I did so. The problem persists. It turns out Evernote web is not supported on iOS, so that's part of it. Nevertheless, I still have the bug which tells me I have to revoke a device.
  3. I am having the issue where I am told I to upgrade and disconnect devices. I am not clear if this is connected to the password issue in this thread. Is it? I don't have access to my notes or the ability to passwords because of this upgrade notice. What to do?
  4. Me, too, as they say. However, I see this on the Mac and iOS. Sometimes, the affected notes refresh on the Mac, sometimes not.
  5. I find the web clipper toolbar icon unresponsive such that I must copy and paste. Selection, or no selection, I can't clip pages, or sections, any longer. I am using version 6.0.5 (451190 Direct) of the app. And as far as I can tell, the most recent version of the clipper extension. I'm using Yosemite 10.10.2
  6. I agree this would be great. Wasn't this in the original Skitch?
  7. Indeed. I had to poke around to find it. Tags can be shortcuts as well, I see. Thanks.
  8. I miss the monthly usage meter & we need to be able to drag and drop notes into tags. "Show Tag List" seems to be always grayed out.
  9. Now that I have both downgraded Evernote and quashed my displeasure, and have also read all the comments. I can act like an adult. I don't think I did, before. I want reminders. I was pleased to see the implementation and it does work, but it cuts my screen real estate in half. LIke many here, I think the missing view is essential and is a default position for visualizing one's data. That's what I miss about the view: I cannot see the picture of things I need to see all at once any longer, yet I use EN for everything, so everything I do is affected. A solution is to add the view back in, but that is hard to do and keep reminders. I propose adding the view back in without reminders. I'm a Mac users, we all are, in this part of the forum ( I think) so there's an app for that: Reminders for Mac/iOS. We can use that, or if not, switch views. But first there must be a view to which we can switch. I think this works: Put in the view without access to reminders and if the user wants reminders the user can switch to get it. But some may say "But then it won't be available everywhere!" No view is available all the time, one must switch views to see a particular view, that's why they exist: so that the user may have different perspective on his data. Allow us this default perspective please.
  10. The default behavior makes sense. It would have to be corrected as was stated earlier in this thread. That's a real solution to the real issue.
  11. As I write this, I am looking directly at the text I am typing. With the new view I would have to look at an angle to type, which is unnatural. Please, at least, add in the old view. Evernote seems to be in my way, now.
  12. I agree, as well. Readability helps productivity. I can't the fonts as I create this post; how about EN?
  13. With regards to dragging I thin Dersu may be referring to an inability to drag from the main Skitch window to the Desktop or another app. It does not seem to be possible. I agree this is not optimal as it creates at least an extra 2 steps. Related: the closer Skitch gets to what it was before the update, the better it gets.
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