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  1. Nice to see someone sniffin out a new area to explore with their app and seeing an opportunity. Yeah... this might seem worth taking a closer look. Yes. phootjournaling meals was my primary use, a few pics, what I liked, where I was. etc. Some explicit privacy would be nice as well (I never post pictures of my ids anywhere, but they are a part of almost every important meal). Though for me it isn't so much what I didn't like "last time" but what I did!
  2. Obviously a niche app, but what a shame. I wished I had used it more (and in fact did before it incorporated all the extra features. Maybe if they had opened the notes some editing it would have caught on more, but I enjoyed the journaling aspect of it, pics, cuisine, tags, memories as opposed to me wondering what it was I liked last time i was "here Consider me Another vote for releasing templateAnother vote to unlocking the files (even if a little bit)Laughing at the suggested alternatives in the announcementWondering if there is another app that fills that role. I mean a real app and fills the real role of FoodWonder if more had been put behind it, it would have been successful.
  3. Hmmmm have you explored Evernote's forward to email function? Maybe there is a way to record a widget or macro (and have it show up as a widget) that serves the same purpose as what you are asking for?
  4. I was having the same issue, I have no idea if this was coincidental or part of the issue, I could not log in (Chrome Version 29, Windows 7), until I finally uninstalled, reinstalled, and then actually went through the feature tour. Once that was done, then after a short/sluggish delay, the user id and password prompt appeared. Before that I was just closing that "tour" tab and not letting it (or I guess the JS it loaded) load.
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