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  1. Searching on mobile is a pain in ON. Not so on the desktop version However, switching to ON, I combined notebooks into sections and have consolidated it nicely. Also, the export/import process got me to delete quite a few notes I had forgotten I no longer needed (a few hundred I am sure). Consolidation makes searching on mobile easier since there are now fewer "notebooks" in play, Prefer my stylus with ON to EN right now. Prefer ON organizational concept better. ON will catch up. The space is getting hotter while EN seems to be getting slower and further away from productivity (the once upon a time folks who wanted to be everyone's brain). EN applications are tighter, prefer the ON options. Oh. and I no longer have to shell out extra money with ON
  2. Oh, seence their r soo mani typos in eet. Maybe they need a new AchR maanger two?
  3. Agreed. Beta can be dicey, but I am no longer a premium user finally. It is a different "head" and their notebook management AND search could be smoother, but for the most part I am happy with the shift. The access to create rich content is nice and it works really well with my stylus on my phone... Anyway, the competition has heated up. I will admit to being fickle, and will spend my dollars where I get the most return. Or spend my time where I get the most return for free products. I could come back, but not this month.
  4. toodledo.com from a gtd perspective, evernote was just reference
  5. I chose NOT to create sections based on tag (btw, it is OFF by default), but it does still take the tags and edit them into the note #php #2015 like that. The one real issue that I had was that it DID NOT import the clip URL. If you clip with the OneNote clipper, it adds the URL at the bottom (would have loved the top), but imported notes are missing this detail (though if there is a link on the page itself, that still works and can get you to the original location).
  6. There is an official Microsoft importer now. I just used it. Worked like a charm, but getting used to OneNote fat client, onenote desktop app, and OneNote web is taking a little getting used to. That said, it is forcing me to rethink my workflow and the clipper works very nicely. Enjoy whichever product you end up sticking with. https://www.onenote.com/import-evernote-to-onenote
  7. lol... sorry, he should have had someone on the staff send out an email blast with it, but in any case, I pay him... he doesn't pay me. He can poke his nose in the forum like the rest of us. Ten minutes a week or a day would clue him in. I voted with my wallet, the revenue numbers should be sign enough for him (decreasing or not increasing as much as they would like).
  8. They've always played the we don't comment card. It was very startup-y, but they are no longer a startup. Their changes always seemed to leave data users in the dust and made evernote slower and less useful with each iteration. You can't go around saying you want to be everyone's memory and have a difficult to navigate UI, inconsistent search paradigms depending on platform (as well as missing basic search features found anywhere else), documentation (though the gurus try and do do a great job, but shouldn't have to), and, well, its been discussed ad nauseum elsewhere and everywhere, Well... Since they never comment on their roadmap, I won't comment on whether I will be back after my premium (multi-year subscription) finally expires this month! (not likely, OneNote has come a long way). I can't believe they are growing their pro user base or preventing attrition with their silence. I'm voting with my wallet. Edit: typos
  9. In light of some recent changes at Evernote corporate, I wonder now if the new and evolving team at Evernote is revisiting what the core of the product should be? Reviewing things like inconsistent UI, truly weak editing, consistent search across platforms, basic working search features, basic UI building blocks, clippers that were crippled (remember when they switched the chrome clipper from one-click magic to a cumbersome workflow?) or when the Web GUI went from detailed to near useless and then the effective loss of tagging and notebooks by burying them? Whatever, these are my complaints. There are those that agree and those that don't agree. There has always been a core of users that worried and fretted that the bottom could drop out of this product in a heartbeat (users being a fickle bunch). That we had a choice of where to spend our hard-earned dollars, whether it was $5 or $50 dollars. As someone who was a premium user for years (and lets be honest, the news reports seem to indicate they were unable to drive revenue, and that includes recovering losses from users who were premium and left). To answer the inevitable evangelist comment, I did pay, I no longer pay, no I am not complaining about a free feature set that changed. I am pointing out why I chose to no longer pay and why others may not have chosen to pay or stopped paying. Why "it's just $45" is a not a business model. Perhaps more care will paid to what is productive for the user, what is useful, and what the right price is, and perhaps that will translate into the numbers they need to convert into paying subscribers and retaining old subscriptions. At this stage, I have slowly been moving to OneNote (what a pain), but I no longer felt I could use Evernote as it is as part of my workflow (and my premium features are still in play, I just have disabled renewal and wait for the sub to lapse). Just thinking out loud here. The people in charge are free to troll through the forums, in fact, get paid to do so, and draw their own conclusions.
  10. Nice to see someone sniffin out a new area to explore with their app and seeing an opportunity. Yeah... this might seem worth taking a closer look. Yes. phootjournaling meals was my primary use, a few pics, what I liked, where I was. etc. Some explicit privacy would be nice as well (I never post pictures of my ids anywhere, but they are a part of almost every important meal). Though for me it isn't so much what I didn't like "last time" but what I did!
  11. Obviously a niche app, but what a shame. I wished I had used it more (and in fact did before it incorporated all the extra features. Maybe if they had opened the notes some editing it would have caught on more, but I enjoyed the journaling aspect of it, pics, cuisine, tags, memories as opposed to me wondering what it was I liked last time i was "here Consider me Another vote for releasing templateAnother vote to unlocking the files (even if a little bit)Laughing at the suggested alternatives in the announcementWondering if there is another app that fills that role. I mean a real app and fills the real role of FoodWonder if more had been put behind it, it would have been successful.
  12. Sort of similar design approach when they killed the efficiency of the Chrome clipper. More about marketing flash than productivity concerns and then some lip service (if any) until the complaints die away. My use of evernote has dropped off since then (I even undid my pro account renewal, but it was extended when I got my new android... lol) but that doesn't mean they aren't going out of their way to make me want to leave altogether. Too many clicks, too much hidden information, feels like they are trying to make everything mobile friendly just as mobile devices are getting larger cause mobile alone doesn't cut it. Seems like it is UI by trial and error again. All those millions to spend and not a proficient UI or HID designer to be found.
  13. Hmmm... OK... they are making it harder. And thanks. It is NOT intuitive. So, if you press the three dot menu ON the attachment (and you have to be careful here) it will open in Adobe. If you tap the attachment like you want to read it you get stich. Go to Source is in the three dot menu, right hand, next to magnifying glass once you are in the actual note. They really really need to go to UI school. Unfortunate, but now that I have office live, will be migrating away from these folks. Unfortunately, I got a free year when I go my latest android phone. I still want that prompt to install skitch to go away. Sounds like they are trying to leverage that merger and its tech before they lose their investment in it any further.
  14. Appreciate it but maybe something has changed. This is a PDF in evernote (not on my Android). There is no view anymore (if ever there was since I used to just go straight to the attachment). There is only a prominent Edit button in the Evernote/Android UI. The right hand menu does not provide any viewing or editing options. Edit: There is a "Go To Source" choice under the hidden menu, but then why did I bother to save it in Evernote? Just want to find it and open it when needed. (sounds like they let a developer near the menu rather than someone used to developing UIs... lol. Go to Source).
  15. Is there anyway to view my PDFs on my Android device without constantly being prompted to install skitch? I would rather not. If I want to annotate my PDFs I'll install skitch, but I rarely if ever do. What I need to do is read them... Any thought or is this going to be another evernote ticket and unfortunate example of them removing functionality from Pro accounts? Don't mean to sound down on them, but they do make liking them difficult sometimes!
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