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  1. toodledo.com from a gtd perspective, evernote was just reference
  2. Nice to see someone sniffin out a new area to explore with their app and seeing an opportunity. Yeah... this might seem worth taking a closer look. Yes. phootjournaling meals was my primary use, a few pics, what I liked, where I was. etc. Some explicit privacy would be nice as well (I never post pictures of my ids anywhere, but they are a part of almost every important meal). Though for me it isn't so much what I didn't like "last time" but what I did!
  3. Obviously a niche app, but what a shame. I wished I had used it more (and in fact did before it incorporated all the extra features. Maybe if they had opened the notes some editing it would have caught on more, but I enjoyed the journaling aspect of it, pics, cuisine, tags, memories as opposed to me wondering what it was I liked last time i was "here Consider me Another vote for releasing templateAnother vote to unlocking the files (even if a little bit)Laughing at the suggested alternatives in the announcementWondering if there is another app that fills that role. I mean a real app and fills the real role of FoodWonder if more had been put behind it, it would have been successful.
  4. Sort of similar design approach when they killed the efficiency of the Chrome clipper. More about marketing flash than productivity concerns and then some lip service (if any) until the complaints die away. My use of evernote has dropped off since then (I even undid my pro account renewal, but it was extended when I got my new android... lol) but that doesn't mean they aren't going out of their way to make me want to leave altogether. Too many clicks, too much hidden information, feels like they are trying to make everything mobile friendly just as mobile devices are getting larger cause mobile alone doesn't cut it. Seems like it is UI by trial and error again. All those millions to spend and not a proficient UI or HID designer to be found.
  5. Hmmm... OK... they are making it harder. And thanks. It is NOT intuitive. So, if you press the three dot menu ON the attachment (and you have to be careful here) it will open in Adobe. If you tap the attachment like you want to read it you get stich. Go to Source is in the three dot menu, right hand, next to magnifying glass once you are in the actual note. They really really need to go to UI school. Unfortunate, but now that I have office live, will be migrating away from these folks. Unfortunately, I got a free year when I go my latest android phone. I still want that prompt to install skitch to go away. Sounds like they are trying to leverage that merger and its tech before they lose their investment in it any further.
  6. Appreciate it but maybe something has changed. This is a PDF in evernote (not on my Android). There is no view anymore (if ever there was since I used to just go straight to the attachment). There is only a prominent Edit button in the Evernote/Android UI. The right hand menu does not provide any viewing or editing options. Edit: There is a "Go To Source" choice under the hidden menu, but then why did I bother to save it in Evernote? Just want to find it and open it when needed. (sounds like they let a developer near the menu rather than someone used to developing UIs... lol. Go to Source).
  7. Is there anyway to view my PDFs on my Android device without constantly being prompted to install skitch? I would rather not. If I want to annotate my PDFs I'll install skitch, but I rarely if ever do. What I need to do is read them... Any thought or is this going to be another evernote ticket and unfortunate example of them removing functionality from Pro accounts? Don't mean to sound down on them, but they do make liking them difficult sometimes!
  8. I go in and delete those pics from time to time as well. Once the image is sync'd (and I do verify it by checking in the web or desktop version of the note), you no longer need to store it in the evernote album on your phone (I think this is meant to be a more of a temp storage since not everyone syncs their phone at the same time or the same way, signal strength, wifi vs cell data, etc).
  9. I think the title is there, just hidden where it is not easy to get to (i forget where exactly, I never stopped using the old clipper).
  10. Sure. I just hate to raise tickets when I can't reliably reproduce it... but happy to send it down the pipe to them.
  11. Nothing extraordinary. Generally, the phone is set to sync whenever it bloody well feels like it (I'm generous like that, lol)--auto-sync in background is on, I don't limit it to wifi, and standard sync it is set to every 60 min. I generally don't turn it off and I don't recall turning it off or running out of battery.The most recent example would be I was in a Home Depot and I had an order of Burpee seeds-n-stuff I was going to buy online sitting in my "online" basket "at home" (hmmm....) and I saw a seed packet at Home Depot I wanted to add to the order (a bit of what they call show rooming that retailers hate I guess). took a product pic so I could remember what I wanted and what variety to add to the order. The signal in that store is always dicey and I DON'T use the guest wifi there. When I was skimming pics I saw the seed packet in my evernote gallery folder, which prompted me to ask... Well, where was that note again? And the note wasn't! First few times it happened I chalked it up to user error and not pressing the check mark. Now I press than dang check mark and make sure the symbol is there so it is queued up. Admittedly, a rare occurrence that is a head scratcher but I have been able to pin down some kind of pattern.
  12. OK... I've sort have seen this behavior on and off over time, but think I have nailed down enough details to pass them along and hope someone has a solution or there is enough detail for someone to work with. I still can't reproduce it on demand, but the "pattern" has finally emergerd. Android Widget (if you want details, Note 2, Sprint, unmodded, unrooted). Take a picture note when there is little to no signal. Then "save it" (the note will have that little pending synch flag in the corner). Come back a day later or so, when you remember something is supposed to be there. No note. The pic is in the local evernote folder in the phone gallery (which I occasionally empty since everything is supposed to be in sync), but there is no trace of the note. Glad I have got the pic, but...
  13. I have seen this same behavior exactly twice. Where the image cached for the note on Android showed text, but the note was blank once opened. In once case, the note was "there" on the server but needed to re-download the content back down to my phone (or so it seemed) that originally created the note and once where it was blank across the board (it had sync'd). But after some head scratching, was left deciding it was an alignment of stars and planets. Bad signal and a sync that probably failed right at the wrong time along with losing signal and a fat finger error that selected all text and, and... I am not dismissing the issue, but I have seen it but a real white whale rarity where I have never been able to intentionally reproduce it. I was pro so IIRC correctly, was OK at the end of the day (as gazumped mentioned). Can you reproduce it?
  14. You might want to submit that link as a support ticket. Didn't work for me either.
  15. Hmmmm have you explored Evernote's forward to email function? Maybe there is a way to record a widget or macro (and have it show up as a widget) that serves the same purpose as what you are asking for?
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