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  1. For the record, this thread is well over three years old and EverNote has only vaguely promised a fix. Then EverNote confused the request by conflating it with image zooming. What is needed is the ability to magnify the contents of the screen without affecting font size. There are legacy software programs that can only run on outdated computer systems that do this. The task is not difficult, but it appears that EverNote as a corporation has issues being responsive to customer demands.
  2. Thank you Gazumped. The last upgrade broke my ability to take pictures, but as you posted, unselecting the multishot camera returns the default camera behavior. I've been a a premium subscriber since 2009 and I'm annoyed with Evernote over this clumsy deployment. Sony Xperia Android/ Mac Chrome/ Windows 7 Chrome
  3. I use the Mac version at home and Windows at my job. Also, I use the web version occasionally. On the OSX version, I clip a new note and then change the title to something other than "Untitled". I hit save. In the other platforms, this renames the note to something I can use. On the OSX version prior to version 1.6.1 (build 70263), the Untitled would return after displaying the new title and after saving. I am using build 70263 on Snow Leopard and the problem persists. 1) with EC closed, from Chrome --> Print --> save pdf to Evernote; 2) EC fires up, double-click to select the title of the note, modify the title and hit 'Enter'; 3) The note itself will display the new title, but will be listed as "Untitled" in the 'Notes' area; 4) Use command-S to commit changes to renamed note from step 2; 5) Quit and restart EC. Both in the note and in the 'Notes' displayed title will be "Untitled"; To replicate bug, open a new url each time for step 1. Macbook, 10.6.2 Core Duo.
  4. I too had the improperly unsigned error. I had to both quit the Evernote Client _and_ close the little elephant icon on the upper right hand before the update would download and install.
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