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  1. If I understand it correctly, the data is encrypted during transit to the EN Servers - but not when it is stored on them. You don't need to do anything to turn on the secure transit.
  2. Click the Post reply button and then scroll down a bit. Below the 'window' where you type a reply there is a 'tab' called 'Upload Attachment'. Use that.
  3. It was 3.0.1 that I finally hand-installed, so I am up-to-date now, thanks.
  4. On my HTC Desire the application was flagged as having an update available, so I let it update but that ended with an error message saying it wasn't successful, and left me without a working EN! I had to uninstall completely and install the 3.0 version, and I'm still in the process of re-synching all of my 8.5K notes.
  5. You might have seen this already, but it was new to me: The Evernote Rap.
  6. If you have registered already on another PC then you don't need to register on the iPad (or any other device) - just Sign In.
  7. But then as soon as Amazon or whoever decide to tweak the Kindle, we're back to square one. I don't see support of non-standard platforms being really viable.
  8. You have to be premium to have offline notebooks, but if you are you should just be able to set the folder to offline and then synch. It can take a long time. it took about 3 days on my android device (8000 notes)! But then all your notes are available offline. There should be no need to open each one and 'force' it down to the device.
  9. It didn't work for me either. But you can save the PDf to your local machine and put the whole thing into EN. It didn't work for me from another web site with a PDF on it either. But I don't have the Firefox clipper add-on installed (because I'm on the beta Firefox 4.0), I'm using the EN bookmarklet tool. I might have got different results using the 'native' Firefox EN add-on.
  10. And because you can go Premium for a month at a time, it is perfectly OK to be a free user, pay for premium for one month, upload like crazy and then go back to free user the next month. All of your notes are still available to you.
  11. What appears to have happened is it took literally days (!) to synch my device with 8000+ notes, over which 50% would include an image. Now that it is fully synched I can browse the offline notebooks with no problem.
  12. I set my phone to airplane mode and I could browse the notes, including the ones with images in. It seems to be a bit hit and miss for me.
  13. It seems that you can't browse an off-line notebook without a data connection though. See: Offline Notebooks and a Data Connection
  14. OK, scrap that - I can only look at text note. It seems anything with an image in still requires a data connection.
  15. Ignore that post - I can now get into En without a data connection. If the difficulty re-appears I'll re-post.
  16. I'm wondering if I'm missing something. On my Android device (HTC phone) I have off-line notebooks. I know that you need to have a data connection to perform a search on the Android version of EN, but do you need a data connection to be able to browse the notes in the offline notebooks? It seems that I do need a data connection to browse the offline notebooks. Do I have a setting configured incorrectly or something? If you need a data connection to evenbrowse the offline notebooks, what point is there in having an offline notebook at all?
  17. Dear User, This feature is not yet available. But this is definitely in our plan. Thanks Thanks for the update. Do you know if this is actively being worked on yet or has it not got that far yet?
  18. Does this version allow me to search my offline notebooks without a data connection? For me, this is the single biggest negative about the EN experience on Android.
  19. PDF isn't designed to be a dynamic file type. It is best considered as an 'electronic printed page'. They were never intended to be edited in the way that, say, a word processor file can be re-edited again and again. Having said that, some PDF readers such as the free version PDF-Xchange have a typewriter tool and other tools to annotate PDFs. But this is something that would need to be done outside of Evernote I think. You can right-click the PDF in the note and then go to Save As, edit the PDF outside of EN and then add it back to Evernote. be aware though that people who distribute docs by PDF usually do it for one or both of two reasons. They can do it because they know that anyone can open it (everyone can get a free PDF reader). But sometimes they do it to prevent the document from being modified. They can set restrictions when the PDF is created to prevent modifcation and editing by others.
  20. If you use the same account on all of your devices (which is the standard thing to do) then all you need to do is synch them all to the EN servers, and they all synch across all platforms. I (and countless others) used to do this as a free user before I (or they) went premium.
  21. You have to synch to the servers, wait for the OCR action to take place and then re-synch again. The time it takes to have the OCR data sent back to your client depends on the size of the image queue and whether you are a free or premium user (premium users are handled in preference to the free users. As there have been issues over the last couple of days for a lot of folk synching to the servers, there may well be more of a delay than usual right now. Remember too, if the image is too fuzy then the note might be unintelligible even to the pretty amazing EN OCR software. (actually it isn't OCR like you might understand OCR. The EN server software builds a tree of the possibilities for each word, and then that data is sent back to your client and associated with the note. This means that if it isn't sure whether a word was herring or hemming, both of those possibilites are associated with the note. That means you'd find the note by searching for either herring or hemming.)
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