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  1. Anything on this? It's been a while.
  2. I have been trying out the new web version and noticed some very poor formatting when clipping articles. In the old version, when I clipped an article using "simplified article", it was nearly identical on web and in Windows and the formatting was clean and easy to read. With the new web version, it's horribly hard to read, and it doesn't look at all like what it does in windows. I have attached screenshots of a note in the old web, new web, and windows
  3. I have been experiencing the same thing when using Chrome (windows), but seems to work fine on Firefox. was driving me crazy, never thought to try different browser, smh.
  4. Yes, that reply left me kind of hanging. Appreciate your help and thoughts gazumped.
  5. I did get a ticket number. They asked then for a screenshot which I sent. The above quote is the reply I got after sending the screenshot.
  6. Submitted ticket. Not much help - here is what I got for a response: "We will be sure to pass on the information you've provided to the product development team for review. We really appreciate you taking the time to send us your feedback. Your comments and suggestions will help us to enhance Evernote and serve you better."
  7. Just started with EN5 for Windows. When I dd my first saved search, I noticed a strange behavior, in the search results it was showing 2 of each of the tags that I had in the saved search. For example, if I had a saved search with tag "Tag5" then it would show "Tag5" "Tag5". It did this for all my saved searches. I looked at the syntax in the search and does not seem to be a problem there. Even created new ones and same issue. Does not seem to affect results but is strange.
  8. I created some custom paper to use for Penultimate. The problem is that when I import was a black on white page, it shows up as kind of a greenish gray instead of black I have attached two pictures below, one is from Penultimate using the custom paper and one from Noteshelf with the identical paper. Does anyone know if Penultimate always does this or a suggestion on how to get the paper to show up with black? Noteshelf Penultimate ]
  9. I am not getting anything when I try and use web clipper, either with toobar button or context menu. When I click them, nothing happens. Have checked my desktop version to make sure that the clip is not getting there, and there is nothing. EN desktop: EN web clipper: 5.0.204582 Firefox: 8.0 Windows XP
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