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  1. Wow, I am a long time believer in Evernote (12 years) and have 25K notes on everything from work, life, hobby, learning etc. in it. I understand the need for a complete reset & rewrite based on the many platforms EN is on. Like many loyal fans, I stuck with EN through the desert of "no features". What I do not understand is with all the talk of new software, modern engineering practices etc. how can EN release such an incredibly buggy IOS release (and I am not even talking about IOS14, which to some degree could be Apples fault. I stayed on 13 for now to update my EN...one thing at a time) ? I'd much rather wait another 6 months than have to deal with this untested pile... Basic, basic problems that really any minimal amount of testing should have caught: my new version defaulted to download all notebooks offline on my phone. Whaaaat ? Thats 25K notes people. Obviously not working. Sync: automatic sync we never trusted, yet finding a manual sync button is possible but very deeply hidden in this version. Doing the sync shows a blank screen forever, no notice of where we are in the process (log file, % indicator, anything). I still don't know whether sync is just slow or doesn't work because notes neither update on my ios or from my phone to the desktop. Isn't syncing one of the very basic function of EN ? When I open notes, I just see an empty screen, no content, no indication it needs to load anything more etc. Isn't displaying content one of the very basic functions of EN ? I do not know how many engineers EN has left. And I certainly do not want to diminish the enormous efforts of rewriting a code base from scratch. It is a huge undertaking. However, EN is not a startup any more. And we are not beta users. Modern software practices include thorough, automated testing of basic functions before any release. I cant believe this level of buggery occurs for a mature company and heavy users with lots of data relying on that company. Flabberghasted. Retract. Test. Test more. Test even more. Try with a small and willing beta base. THEN release. PS: I wouldnt mind paying more for a heavy user subscription if I have any confidence stability was a high priority in words and deeds and it helped EN be more profitable.
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