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  1. Wow, I am a long time believer in Evernote (12 years) and have 25K notes on everything from work, life, hobby, learning etc. in it. I understand the need for a complete reset & rewrite based on the many platforms EN is on. Like many loyal fans, I stuck with EN through the desert of "no features". What I do not understand is with all the talk of new software, modern engineering practices etc. how can EN release such an incredibly buggy IOS release (and I am not even talking about IOS14, which to some degree could be Apples fault. I stayed on 13 for now to update my EN...one thing
  2. First let me start off by saying that I love Evernote. I have been using it for over 10 years and it has easily been my most used day to day application ever. I have 25K notes for work, hobbies, trips etc. EN is great for cross platform syncing and heavy multimedia note taking. I would happily pay more for it as a heavy and committed user. As such I accept occasional hiccups such as the endless resyncs on Macs a while ago, the degrading quality of the IOS web sharer or the random distractions into food blogging years ago. That's ok, it can happen in software engineering. I al
  3. Still seeing this also, and more frequently - every time now. Sept 2017 I have resorted to deleting the iOS app and reinstalled it. But now the problem is that the syncing just stops after a partial download of my notes into the iOS app. Nothing will finish the sync (restarting the app, the phone, the network connection etc.) Basically my Evernote iOS has become useless. "Duplication by design" must have been implemented by a nonprogrammer, which unfortunately Evernote seems to be maintained by more and more. I love this app, I use it every day. I would gladly pay more per month if i
  4. I have same experience on iOS share sheet (from Flipboard, most even relatively simple pages - never mind wired.com - take more than a minute !!!! to complete and often the phone goes back to sleep before the share sheet clipper can do its job -> note never recorded) Workaround: use email option on share sheet to share to your Evernote account. Still works. Find what your Evernote email is by going to (Evernote iOS app) Settings > General > Evernote Email Address. I added mine to my address book so it autocompletes so I don't have to remember or type the whole thing every time I se
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