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  1. I looked at the bitrates for audio recordings in various apps. Evernote is an extremely low 13 kbits/second, compared with the native Voice Memos app which records at 63.98 kbits per second. The difference in sound quality is night and day. As others have said on this thread, the audio quality of Evernote voice notes is practically unusable. Is there any chance Evernote could make the quality of voice notes a user-defined feature in future releases of the iOS app? This would make it a much more usable feature. Currently, I don't use it in the app. I just e-mail my voice memos created with the
  2. Totally agree - I use Evernote to clip all kinds of stuff and even manage some documents. I did try the Evernote GTD pseudo-functionality, but decided it was much too limited. After trying a bunch of different tools, I'm now using Things from Cultured Code. It's not perfect, and the developers are incredibly slow about putting out updates (nothing like the crew at Evernote that is constantly improving the apps for all platforms), but it works much better for GTD.
  3. I couldn't agree more. This whole discussion reminds me of when Steve Jobs proclaimed that folders would be irrelevant after Spotlight was introduced in Tiger, which of course was nonsense. The bottom line is that we need both - Hierarchy and Search. For the reason well-stated above that we cannot always remember the search terms. And if there really are no sub-notebooks planned, and tags really are going to be the only way to organize notes, then there should be a new UI for managing them, such as a HUD. Managing them in the sidebar is just awful, especially if you have as many as I do. I a
  4. Could not agree with this feature request more. We need subnotebooks yesterday. This is an absolutely baffling omission from an otherwise great product. I had a whole series of "2009" notebooks that were labeled as such so they would be at the top of my list. Well, now that I've started a series of 2010 notebooks, they fall beneath the 2009 ones. I've had to go and rename all my old notebooks so they're not at the top of the list. I would much rather move them to an "archived 2009" folder, and not have to do that, and be able to keep them grouped together for easy reference. I now have about 2
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