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  1. Same here - Cronofy says "Connection is active" but no synch anymore since yesterday ... I have further issues with all files in the web version and made contact with the support. Edit: I got an email from Cronofy to reconnect, but it does not work even the confirmation email says "success" ... very annoying!
  2. ... if anybody wants a signed version of a previous app version (that means that you don't get any offers by the PlayStore to update to version 10.x), I can recommand https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/ken-ellinwood/zipsigner/zipsigner-3-4-release/zipsigner-3-4-android-apk-download/#description (really very easy to use) I have the last version 8.x signed available & can help if needed ...
  3. Support is given by email, but after 3 emails they still have no idea what to do (and maybe still what the problem is), they only want to have the activity protocol, very poor service indeed ... maybe you are more lucky!
  4. I have reported to the support, but they do not understand the problem (always speaking about sorting options for ALL notes) ... this is really annoying, bug after bug in version 10 ...
  5. I have just downgraded - there are so many features missing, too many bugs, I can not understand how to promote such a poor version! This is not just a mobile game, many people organize their work & life with this platform and pay a lot of money for it, I am really angry about this release! (and I have seen some of it in the last 8 years I have been a premium subscriber...)
  6. Notes with reminders are shown in the wrong order, the most upcoming reminders are shown at the bottom of the list!? No option for sorting anywhere, anybody an idea how to fix it?
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