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  1. Thanks for all the thoughtful helps & suggestions here, y'all! Love that Evernote has such a supportive community. ps - I've been lurking around Evernote for years & just recently decided to try to make it part of my workflow.
  2. I've been using Duplicate - but there's an annoyance with it I'm hoping someone here can speak to. I have multiple projects that are all of the same workflow that I'm managing & I wanted to create a checklist for each client - 1 note per client, same content in each note. I thought the easiest way to do this (and there are dozens possibly hundreds) was to create a template note & Duplicate it. But every time I duplicate the note again, it adds the work "copy" to the end...so by the 5th Duplicate, you have "blah blah title copy copy copy copy" as the title of the note. Is there a
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