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  1. I hope you both are right. If so they need to fire or at least have a good talk with their PR person. No mention of any perks in the price hike announcement. I have until November so I'll wait and see. No need to be rash but they do have me paying attention.
  2. Thankfully, no. Just how it feels to walk in on a 40% price hike with no increase in perks.
  3. Okay, perhaps this is a better analogy. So we got married early and she has been taken care of, well as well as anyone can be of a wage earners income. She has up to now taken good care of me. I come home today and she says " I want a BMW, a house in "that" neighborhood, and a 40% increase in her personal allowance. Take it or leave it".
  4. I have been premium since the first year EN has existed as a cloud service. They have always done me well but this increase smells of nicotine and desperation. 40% bump, no warning or opportunity to buy an extra year at the old price. No added benifit. I have several months until renewal so I'll just have to see how this shakes out. Just like a marriage, just because you have been married for a long time doesn't mean you have to stay if you come home and find your spouse in bed with another....
  5. I eventually got ahold of support and combining does count as new upload. I never could get hard numbers, but I will be careful about combining several already large notes from now on.
  6. Thanks all, I always search before posting but it failed to find anything related. Glad to see en knows that it is sometimes being an issue but even after reading the other thread I'm not sure that they know that simply combining notes looks like additional upload to the server.
  7. Whenever I do any house cleaning and combine some notes the en server sees this as new upload. You would not think that this would be a problem with a premium account but the other day I got a computer generated nastygram about "extremely high use" when all I had done was combine some notes with added tags and better titles. Also en has not responded to my last several tickets. Is that 100 year company going to be a 10 year company?
  8. Or if you can't give us one or more of the new technologies then how about good old Boolean?
  9. I as well am looking fwd to local storage but till then I dump text notes into "colornote" , it what I wrote is only needed @ the phone and short term that is the end of it but if a colornote gets long or needed on the desktop computer there is a "share" function in colornote and I use that to email it to evernote.
  10. well I downloaded evernote for android today and had to check it all out immediately. Looks good, one minor problem, when I went to the file upload area it gave me off black text on black background, imposable to see, you can see it when you touch the screen. then hardware is Moto Droid. thanx M
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