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  1. The checklist I created in the beta editor of the web version looks like this in the desktop version (Windows)
  2. It would be great to see grammarly plug-in integration or allow grammarly to work in web version. Alas! Evernote uses iframe which stops grammarly from working.
  3. When is the new editor coming to the Beta version of Windows? I am liking the minimalism on Web.
  4. When I am adding an email from Gmail to Evernote and I have a long list of notebooks, I find it extremely painful clicking through 'Next' multiple times to reach to the notebook in which I need to save the note. It would be helpful to be able to find notebooks in such case.
  5. That worked. Thanks. I’ve messaged you the crash report.
  6. I recently changed the stacks and notebooks structure in my Evernote. However, despite installing the 7.3 Beta 1 the Evernote is not syncing to the new structure. Moreover, when I try to delete a notebook, the Evernote crashes.
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