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  1. I'm another long-time EN premium user who came here in search of wisdom to improve the experience of using encryption on EN. The comments here convinced me that EN will not soon support the basic function I am looking for: encrypt a plain text attachment using my desktop windows EN app, and be able to decrypt and view on my android EN app. On the desktop I maintain the file as a GNU PGP encrypted file. The security hole I have been putting up with for years was that encryption in EN requires me to first paste the file contents as plaintext, then encrypt - so EN may try to sync the note before it was encrypted. The good news is that I found a very good solution that closes the security hole, too - attach the GPG file directly to my EN note, and with the android OpenKeyChain app installed, EN invokes it when I select the attachment and I can decrypt and view easily - simpler workflow and better security solution. I'm staying an EN premium because I like many of the other features, but encryption has been an annoyance and the 10.x versions of EN made it (almost) unbearable.
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