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  1. OMG, PLEASE ADD THIS - using any formatting is so painful right now! Seriously, I love Evernote & rely on it but without styles and/or format painter it is REALLY hard to do any formatting!
  2. I have several other apps that don't disappear from the taskbar on updates - they stay pinned where I left them. Evernote also deletes itself from being pinned to the Start menu; basically it won't stay anywhere I put it (well, except on the desktop, but I can never see that.) In fact, even if I open it repeatedly from the Start menu so it shows up in the frequently-used apps list, and then update... it's gone from there too! WTF! No other app does that. This is my #1 (ok, actually #2 -- lack of proper styles is #1) gripe with Evernote! I'm always skeptical to update it because I won't remember to re-pin it, and then it won't be there when I need it -- which is pretty much the whole point of EN. (Doesn't it strike you as odd that you say MS doesn't want you messing with the task bar... so that's exactly what you do to remove the shortcut?!) PLEASE FIX THIS!
  3. +1! Definitely need this. I put code snippets in my EN all the time and they are U G L Y. Markdown + syntax hilighting would be great, an open plug-in system would be even better (though the mobile clients at least need to be able to read plug-in content).
  4. +1! Single biggest Evernote problem for me!
  5. I just switched to Firefox 3.6 beta 3, and the Evernote Web Clipper became disabled. I re-enabled it (via Add-On Compatibility Reporter), and it all seems to work fine; I can clip from web pages just as I did in 3.5. Could you publish a new version with 3.6 enabled?
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