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  1. OMG, PLEASE ADD THIS - using any formatting is so painful right now! Seriously, I love Evernote & rely on it but without styles and/or format painter it is REALLY hard to do any formatting!
  2. I have several other apps that don't disappear from the taskbar on updates - they stay pinned where I left them. Evernote also deletes itself from being pinned to the Start menu; basically it won't stay anywhere I put it (well, except on the desktop, but I can never see that.) In fact, even if I open it repeatedly from the Start menu so it shows up in the frequently-used apps list, and then update... it's gone from there too! WTF! No other app does that. This is my #1 (ok, actually #2 -- lack of proper styles is #1) gripe with Evernote! I'm always skeptical to update it because I won't re
  3. +1! Definitely need this. I put code snippets in my EN all the time and they are U G L Y. Markdown + syntax hilighting would be great, an open plug-in system would be even better (though the mobile clients at least need to be able to read plug-in content).
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