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  1. Joplin was very close but I didn't like their tagging and sorting features (I'm still looking for the golden goose where I can press/hold CTRL and select multiple tags from the left panel and stay in a single notebook). I also am not crazy about markdown. Obsidian was also close but their tagging and sorting feature was too complicated... if I wanted to sort by multiple tags simultaneously, I'd have to write out "Tag: example A, tag: example B" in the query field... plus i'd be booted from my main notebook and be searching all notes instead of the notebook i was previously in. When you set up notebooks as databases in Notion, it sorts almost identically to Evernote Legacy which for me is the most important feature I'm looking for.
  2. So far, I've tried Joplin, Obsidian, Capacities, and Nootsnook... for my uses, I think Notion seems to work the best. The new Evernote is too slow and the way they nerfed their tagging system just makes it unappealing to me for the price.
  3. Hey @Mike P, thanks for the feedback. Can you tell me more about the autohotkey script? How does that work and how did you set it up? The alt+F2 is helpful... still so slow though!!
  4. @PinkElephant Thank you for your detailed and considerate response. While I can utilize the filter feature, I'm particularly interested in whether there's a way to apply filters using the Tags button specifically located on the left panel. My research suggests that this functionality might have been removed. However, I remain interested in discovering if there's an established method to sort notebook by tags. In your version of Evernote, do you have the ability to organize your notebooks by tags?
  5. I've recently upgraded to version 10, and I'm finding that a useful feature is missing. In the Legacy version, I could easily select multiple tags and notebooks from the left panel by holding down the CTRL key and left-clicking. This allowed me to filter my notes based on these overlapping search criteria. However, in the current version, it seems I have to navigate to each notebook individually, click on 'add filters', and then select each of my tags one by one. Is there an alternative method or a keyboard shortcut available that I'm not aware of? Additionally, is there someway to sort by Tags in a notebook?
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