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  1. Doesn't work for me either!!
  2. Still having issues when moving note with pdf attachment to a shared notebook. Not moves but attachment shows up as 0 bytes and will not open.
  3. As far as the account switcher unless I am not using it correctly it would be nice to not have to type in the other username and password each time. It should operate just like Evernote Account Switcher where you can select which account you want to switch to and then give us the choice if we want to cache the password or not. My computers are secured with user login so I have no issue saving the password to make my life easier.
  4. Copying notes to a shared note is having issues. Note with attached pdf copied to shared notebook. Attachment appears with size 0 bytes in shared notebook. Please fix asap as this almost caused me to loose data as the only way to get imported files to a shared notebook is to copy then delete. Fortunately I did not empty my trash before I found the issue and was able to restore the notes and then use an older version to do the copy.
  5. Right now it does not appear that we can make any changes to the Favorites bar ? Right now I am not seeing much use for the Favorites bar. If I could move saved searches there ? Can you explain what type of notes are supposed to show up under Mobile ? Since you asked I would love to have the ability to search across All (as a group) of my Shared Notebooks (42 at current count)
  6. graceclerk Yes one account can be accessed on multiple computers. My business partner and I both access our business account from multiple devices. Mac, PC, 2 x iPhones and 2 x iPads. I am not sure how Evernote resolves conflicts if the same note is changed on multiple computers simultaneously. It is not something that we have run into. The only thing that you may want to think about is do you want everyone to have access to everything.
  7. Downloaded and installed. Can you let us know what else to look for besides the graphical changes to the icons ? Since it has a new version 3.0.0 ?
  8. 1Password was ready with an Extension to replace their plugin and they don't have $50 Million sitting in the bank. By now Evernote should realize that Mac users are typically early adopters (this is now the Windows world where you wait until SP1 before a product is safe to use) also Mac users have very little tolerance for software that does not work well. If you listen to Phil Libin's interview on TechCrunch TV he stated that he wants Evernote to have the best experience on all platforms. Is this the best experience ?
  9. Evernote Account Switcher rules !! I have tried using one account and shared folders however unfortunately as long as shared notebooks are "second class citizens" I have to use Evernote Account Switcher to switch between my personal and my professional account. Until I can Print to Evernote to a shared notebook, Clip to a shared notebook and search All of my shared notebooks and move a note to a shared notebook Evernote Account Switcher is my savior. I wish Evernote would build this in as a standard feature on all clients especially the iPhone and iPad.
  10. Thank you - Thank you - Thank you for the ability to copy notes to shared folders. Please can you review the logic that is used to sort the shared folders display when you go to copy a note. I currently have about 30 shared folders and the are appearing in some random order. It is not alphabetical and it does not appear to be by date either ? Thank you again
  11. I am having a hard time using shared notebooks effectively. I currently have two accounts one for my personal items and the second account that is for my work items that is also accessed by my business partner hence the need for separate accounts. On my computer at home my personal account is my primary account and I have shared out all of the notebooks in the work account so that I can access the notes from my personal account. The issue is I am often researching or doing other work on my home computer and I capture a webpage or a document that is work related and it ends up in my personal Inbox. Since there is currently no way that I can find to move a note from a primary notebook to a shared notebook I first have to email the note to my work account. I then have to wait for it to be processed and then go an find it in the work Inbox. I then can move it from the work Inbox to the appropriate work notebook. I then have to bo back and delete it from the work Inbox and again go back to my personal Inbox and delete it from there. Am I missing something to make this easier ? Can anyone think of a better process ?
  12. I currently use Evernote Mac and Evernote Windows and have 2 accounts one personal and one professional. Shared notebooks are heading the right direction but Please Please Please provide us with the ability to move notes to and from shared folders. My personal account is my account on my home computer which I often capture info that I need for work. Currently the only way I have found to move notes is I have to email it to my work account and then after I confirm receipt I have to go back and delete it from my personal account? Anyway know of any other way ?
  13. Like a lot of other people that use Evernote I have a need for Evernote in my personal life as well as my work life but I need to keep the data separate because while I want my work colleges to be able to access my work notes I do not want them to access my personal notes. Like other people on this forum I have ended up with 2 evernote accounts one for personal and one for work and use the application to access one and the web to access the other. Obviously I would like to be able to access both using the Evernote application and the new shared folders in the Mac Client is a step in the right direction however there are still a couple of features that are missing that I feel are critical to have seamless integration. The fist is the ability to move notes between shared and non shared notebooks. When I create a note I do not want to have to think where it is going to end up. I just want to create it in my default notebook and then be able to move it to whichever notebook I want. At least from my testing there is no way currently to move notes between shared notebooks. The second is the ability to search across all notebooks or at least across all shared notebooks. From my testing it seems that you can only search one shared notebook at a time. I currently have about 30 work notebooks. Having to search each one separately is not feasible. I know you do not give dates on release but can you at least indicate if the ability to move notes between shared notebooks is planned and if there is a plan to allow searching across shared notebooks ??
  14. Just wondering how everyone is transferring info to and from shared notebooks. Emails, export import ?
  15. I agree there should be no differences between shared and no shared Notebooks. The big problem I have is at least from initial testing I cannot even move a note from a non shared to a shared notebook. Can someone else test this and confirm ?
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