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  1. Yep, problem fixed but other are still there - e.g. extra line breaks are inserted or removing all line breaks, so simplify is still not very usable... :/
  2. This feature was removed recently, at v. 6 I think. I was also using it extensively for organisation and all my notes in this format cannot be edited and look like *****.
  3. I get Update Error message as described here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86392-error-message-when-trying-to-update-to-6015/#entry368960 It's happening for me for last two minor updates (have to download whole 60mb package and download manually each time)
  4. I got the same problem since 6.0.15. Now 6.0.16 is the same... (haven't tried removing EN totally yet).
  5. Sweet! Thanks JMichael It works. Good that there's backup shortcut. Maybe this info needs to be updated
  6. When list is inside table there's no way to indent deindent list items (tab and shift + tab jumps between table cells). Makes using lists inside tables really difficult. http://quick.as/nwyatvakz
  7. Are you running Mavericks? oh yeah, sorry, I'm on Yosemite.
  8. Same here! Concentrate please on core and don't try to compete with Slack, Hipchat, email, Facebook - it's pointless. Total waste of resources.
  9. I cannot replicate this issue. My indents stay event after sync...
  10. Seems to be fixed in 6.0.10. Cool, thanks!
  11. @charboyd here you go, here's the demo video http://quick.as/7ZdVFGXzA
  12. Similar problem here - when you're inside a table on a new empty line you cannot backspace delete it. It was working prior 6.0.7.
  13. I will post back here when I will be able to say more about conditions or steps to reproduce this issue.
  14. Sorry to sound bitter, but looking at the amount of new bugs I must say Evernote is getting worse with each update lately...
  15. Same here, pasting indented code removed all indentation.
  16. Same here with 6.07 (but this was happening since several minor versions) - typing becomes slow. The only solutions is to restart Evernote.
  17. Yeah, table vertical alignment top! Please do sth about it!
  18. Table issues are still present (e.g. adding table inside other table).
  19. Table bugs and issues are still present... ehh...
  20. The problem with tables inside editor is still present.
  21. Here's how editing of nested tables looks like in Beta 6. Moreover I cannot add table inside table.
  22. I have problem with editor - I cannot insert table inside another table. I could do it easily with previous versions. Also with previously created nested tables I cannot select specific word/text, only whole nested table.
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