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  1. OK.. so I had templates briefly, but after updating to 7.5, it seems to have gone away. I am flagged for beta in the preferences, but can't figure out why they disappeared. ideas?
  2. Yes, it happens every time to me as well. the bummer part is, I was just about to try switching back to Penultimate for my notes and this is blocking me. I am curious on the commitment level to this app considering everything going on (or not) at Evernote. I would love to keep all of my stuff in one place.
  3. So.. Things have definitely evolved over the past couple years. I have taken on the hobby of trying to improve/tweak/waste time on my productivity systems. Quick summary is this: 1. I am sticking with Evernote for Notes, Capturing content, going paperless for MOST things, Journaling my work, etc. I just posted about it here; http://www.torgersons.com/why-i-am-sticking-with-evernote-for-now/ 2. I have moved to a real task manager like many of you suggested. I was on Omnifocus for a long time. I've tried todoist, Wunderlist, Things. I am now using 2do, primarily because the way I think works with 2do. Start dates means I should be working on something. Due dates is a deadline. Omnifocus hid too many things from my brain. 2do seems to be doing this quite nicely for me.
  4. Do you manually link to your Evernote notes from there? or do you try to cross-link the two? Because I work so much inside of Evernote, I just felt it was a burden to do the linking. (although I was just probably being lazy)
  5. BAM! Frank. I was so thrilled with my "settled on" solution. Now I am going to spend a bunch of time refining tonight. I can't wait to see the next couple posts. By using the Reminders (even without dates) but dragging between folders, it makes it really easy to move things around and gets rid of some of the duplicity in my process. (which I agree was a bit heavy handed, but working) Thanks for sharing.
  6. I agree that subtasks are missing, also recurring, etc. Some things I do in Wunderlist for simple tracking. I just found linking Evernote notes to my task program was just the same effort as COPY NOTE LINK and putting it in Evernote. curious what you use for tasks?
  7. I have seen many others post in the forums before on how they are using tasks, or why they don't use Evernote tasks. I have gone back and forth on this for quite some time. I think I have finally settled that my process in a work in progress, but one that works for me. I thought I'd share. Rather than re-post the whole article.. check out the post. http://www.torgersons.com/detailed-routine-using-evernote-for-tasks-and-tracking/
  8. I am sooooooo glad to see you are putting this back in. The idea of creating a public notebook was by virtue of that choice, NOT intended to be secure. warn me again before I agree.. but please let's hope this stays as a feature in future releases. I didn't use it often, but a public notebook URL is NOT the same as adding more email addresses. (in most cases, I won't know who is linking to my public notebook that I want open).
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