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  1. OK.. so I had templates briefly, but after updating to 7.5, it seems to have gone away. I am flagged for beta in the preferences, but can't figure out why they disappeared. ideas?
  2. Yes, it happens every time to me as well. the bummer part is, I was just about to try switching back to Penultimate for my notes and this is blocking me. I am curious on the commitment level to this app considering everything going on (or not) at Evernote. I would love to keep all of my stuff in one place.
  3. So.. Things have definitely evolved over the past couple years. I have taken on the hobby of trying to improve/tweak/waste time on my productivity systems. Quick summary is this: 1. I am sticking with Evernote for Notes, Capturing content, going paperless for MOST things, Journaling my work, etc. I just posted about it here; http://www.torgersons.com/why-i-am-sticking-with-evernote-for-now/ 2. I have moved to a real task manager like many of you suggested. I was on Omnifocus for a long time. I've tried todoist, Wunderlist, Things. I am now using 2do, primarily because the way I think works with 2do. Start dates means I should be working on something. Due dates is a deadline. Omnifocus hid too many things from my brain. 2do seems to be doing this quite nicely for me.
  4. I use standard checkboxes in my meeting notes for ToDos. I have mostly moved my ToDo list out to Wunderlist, and use Task Clone to find those checkboxes and move them to Wunderlist. But I also have 2 saved searches I keep in my sidebar. 1 - To Complete (week) 2 - To Complete (month) These searches look for notes that have "CONTAINS: Incomplete to-dos" & "Updated Since: last week" (or month) Then, I scan through these on a regular basis to see notes with items I have not completed yet. It's not one consolidated list, but it works for what I use it for.
  5. I have to jump on here.. often when I am scanning a document, it "thinks" it is a business card. Worse yet, if I didn't take the time to go make sure what was saved in Evernote, yet tossed the paper, I have lost one side of my scan (if it was two sided). This is a huge flaw.
  6. I am only ever trying to save to Evernote. I typically never scan more than 1-2 pages at a time, so these are not large.
  7. Sometimes I have a series of documents, receipts, etc that I would like to scan in and save to Evernote, but I don't want to have them in the same scanned note. They are independent and not related. It would be nice to have a feature that acts more like what the premise of Phil's demo was the first time around.. I just hold over a document, it scans.. and automatically goes to evernote. I can then move to the next paper, do the same..and just have 1 note per scan and it is saved automatically. Does this make sense?
  8. I have had the issue with a couple of times where I am in a situation with low data connectivity or no data connectivity, and when I try to scan and save my files.. Scannable just spins and hangs, and I eventually lose my scan. Sometimes it has crashed on me. It's hit and miss if the scan is still there when I go back into the app . I am finding I don't trust the app to use it now and I am falling back to 3rd party apps that are more stable... but not as nice. Anyone else seeing this issue?
  9. What do you mean with 'setup a note for presentation'? Using new layout editor inMac application? If yes, then unfortunately the editor behavior has not been implemented on iOS. But on iOS side, you can still use the horizontal rulers (which Mac version replaced with dividers in layout editor) to split your presentation content. just means I can't format it on my computer, then go to iOS to present.
  10. Do you manually link to your Evernote notes from there? or do you try to cross-link the two? Because I work so much inside of Evernote, I just felt it was a burden to do the linking. (although I was just probably being lazy)
  11. BAM! Frank. I was so thrilled with my "settled on" solution. Now I am going to spend a bunch of time refining tonight. I can't wait to see the next couple posts. By using the Reminders (even without dates) but dragging between folders, it makes it really easy to move things around and gets rid of some of the duplicity in my process. (which I agree was a bit heavy handed, but working) Thanks for sharing.
  12. I agree that subtasks are missing, also recurring, etc. Some things I do in Wunderlist for simple tracking. I just found linking Evernote notes to my task program was just the same effort as COPY NOTE LINK and putting it in Evernote. curious what you use for tasks?
  13. I have discussed this before but... For me, Evernote has become useless because of the scaling issue. I cannot use my main account on the Windows desktop nor the iOS client due to the number of notes (over 64,000) or the size of the database (over 37 gigs) or both. SO...about two years ago, I created my "duet" account & would share a few notebooks between the two accounts. However, about six months ago, the sharing got effed up...(discussed that on the board & supplied ticket numbers - "ghost notes" would remain & I'd have to do the "rebuild my local database thing." Then they fixed it...then it broke again.) The cherry on top was when I realized the web client (the only client I can use my main account on) doesn't search correctly. (Also discussed on the board & supplied the ticket number.) Sure, I can still take/create notes. But if I can't use the app to RETRIEVE them, then it's not really helpful. Oddly enough, unless EN does a major overhaul, these are issues that will persist with a focus on business. Don't take this the wrong way.. but I am curious how people use Evernote to get 65,000 notes. Rough math.. for the past 7 years, you have created 25 notes a day..every day of the week, non stop! Wow! I can't fathom what this would be for and I am really curious?!! Any insights?
  14. I have seen many others post in the forums before on how they are using tasks, or why they don't use Evernote tasks. I have gone back and forth on this for quite some time. I think I have finally settled that my process in a work in progress, but one that works for me. I thought I'd share. Rather than re-post the whole article.. check out the post. http://www.torgersons.com/detailed-routine-using-evernote-for-tasks-and-tracking/
  15. I was really excited about the presentation mode updates. I noticed however, when you have setup a note for presentation, then go to your mobile device, the settings do not carry over. If I am using my phone to Airplay the presentation, this really breaks the value of the setup. Yes, I could present from the computer, but I was just hoping this solution worked. Anyone else finding this as well? I hope it's on the roadmap to fix.
  16. When sharing a public link, the REPORT SPAM button feels too close to the SHARE button for comfort. Can you reconsider placement? See screenshot attached
  17. I can't seem to find a way to present all notes in a notebook, but the table of contents type notes, or links to notes embedded works like a champ. I LOVE the new presentation mode. I used the old one often, but it was flakey. This seems so much better. Quick tip, if you have an image that seems a bit large, the sizing of the image in the note seems to carry over great. I also love you can navigate forwards and backwards with arrow keys, and you can start the presentation from any spot. Nice work!
  18. I would love to use the new presentation mode. It fixes many of my issues when I would try to use this feature. I would love to be on the beta. I thought it was mentioned that those who attended EC would get access.. but what about those of us that want to volunteer?
  19. I have gone back and forth with this. I bought Things, RTM, Omnifocus (all platforms), Wunderlist, I've tried Any.do, etc.. The challenge I have is that I almost ALWAYS put a link in a task, or reference an Evernote note with the context, details for that task. I've finally just embraced this. I use my notes to track all my tasks with remindersI put detailed, date stamped progress against more complex tasks within the task noteI add checkboxes for subtasks of larger tasksI have even started tracking who needs to be notified, stakeholders, dates, attachments, etc. This has helped me later if I come back to referenceI keep them even after checking them off. (even smaller quick tasks, you'll see why next)I have a calendar reminder at 4:30 every day to sort notes by last edited. I select all notes edited today and make a TOC note. I title this with a date stamp of today and tag it journal. I add any additional notes for the day's journalI save all those date stamped journal notes in a single journal folder. This gives me an easy way to not only see what I did each day, but a link to the detailed notes of the tasks. This became easier when I realized it was helping me, not hurting me to have a new note per task. I have since scrapped all task managers and just use Evernote.
  20. I am sooooooo glad to see you are putting this back in. The idea of creating a public notebook was by virtue of that choice, NOT intended to be secure. warn me again before I agree.. but please let's hope this stays as a feature in future releases. I didn't use it often, but a public notebook URL is NOT the same as adding more email addresses. (in most cases, I won't know who is linking to my public notebook that I want open).
  21. ALSO. One more thing not necessarily related to the beta.. but with regards to sharing. Can you move the REPORT SPAM link away from the SHARE icon? It's a UX concern to put the THIS IS BAD right next to the THIS IS GOOD link. Could cause user error. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s1/sh/3e2906c8-4117-4835-a5e7-0a508d6c6528/5cb59fdc58a2443f854e54841d8e12f0
  22. Here are a few I have captured so far. Might be overlap on a couple I have seen here, but better to know more are having the problem maybe than isolated cases. Highlighting a table to copy/paste messes up formatting. I formatted the left column to be grey, the right column white. when I select the table to duplicate it, the highlight of the table going blue carries over the formatting. All pasted tables are blue. You can’t highlight a column to color all cells at once. I want to format a column at once, or a row at once.FEATURE REQUEST: Merge cellsSelecting color in one cell, then going to next cell, right click and properties then has inconsistent color behavior for picking colors. Just seems quirkyCopy/Paste of tables goes nuts when in presentation mode for display (looks OK when in normal view. I have seen others post, but here is my screenshot)In previous versions I used to hit CTRL-D, RETURN, CTRL-H. This would give me a date with a carriage return, and an HR under it. Now it appears the HR adds a normal line above it every time it’s inserted? Is this expected? I can see the benefit of HR knowing it needs to be on it's own line, but maybe only do that if the cursor isn't already on the start of a new line?
  23. Good question.. I think having a folder of a "journal" entry allows me to easily go through on Friday, look across my week and see the items i've touched. This helps me spark a memory of a possible task I forgot, plan for next week, etc. I guess I could do the search for each day and just look at this list but the TOC view just seemed to make it a bit easier for my weekly review.
  24. OK, I am sure many of you already know or do this, but I had a bit of an ah-ha moment this week. When I am working on my stuff for the week, much of it is already in Evernote. I was trying to track a separate journal for what I did each day. I finally stumbled upon this idea when working on a presentation post about Evernote.. Problem: Sometimes I have a hard time remembering everything I accomplished in a day or week, big or small items alike. I may need to reference something but I don't want a lot of overhead for tracking the work I am doing. I wanted some easy way to track things I touched each day. Solution: Go to your NOTES section in the sidebar so all of your notes are showing. If you don't already have the UPDATED field showing, right click and check the UPDATED field so it shows. Now, when you sort by updated, you will see all of your notes that were updated today. At the end of the day, select all of those notes and choose to create a TABLE OF CONTENTS note. Now you will have a note that auto-links to each item you edited that day. It makes it easy to not only track, but to get back to each item. I then label my note with a journal entry and CMD-SHIFT-D for inserting the date automatically. Then I file this under a Journal notebook to make it easy to track down. I can even add other notes to the bottom of the days entry. The cool thing is, this only takes a couple minutes to complete. It makes life easier days from now when you are trying to remember something you did Tuesday. My Duh-Tip. I would love to hear if others have done some cool things. If only there was an IFTTT recipe to automate this.
  25. I 35th this comment/request! (to be fair, I didn't count...but it has to be a lot of people hating this) I am a premium user, let me choose how and when I advertise your product.
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