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  1. I have to agree here. I miss the shortcut bar and for this reason am staying at version util we can get a true shortcut toolbar in EN 5.
  2. They are not shortcuts now. You have to click about 3 times on average to get to them now. That's not a shortcut. I want the old shortcut bar back.
  3. First let me say thanks so much for the highlighter. One thing. In EN 4.x and before, you could close a note by hitting ESC key. This seems to be gone in the new Beta. Can you bring it back? Thanks, and keep up the good work.
  4. Another suggestion. On the What's New page for this Beta it says this: This same i should be available in the single note view as well. That way, we can access the metadata on an individual note we are looking at without having to enable a separate toolbar for all notes. Thanks.
  5. Escape used to close the current note. Now it does not. I use this feature a lot. Would be nice to have it back. Thanks.
  6. Could you give a few examples/workflows where you need to refer to the title after you've scrolled down? Thus far, we are hoping that users can quickly hit the "i" in order to bring up the Note Title and other metadata. Sure. When I have a few notes open and a couple of them are long notes, and I am adding something to the end of one of the long notes. If I go to another program, like Chrome or Word or SQL Server Management Studio, and then back to my EN notes, I cannot tell from the top of the window which note is which. Try it yourself, you'll see. Create 3 notes. Paste in some long test from the Wikipedia (for example) in each one. Scroll to the bottom of them. Go to Chrome or some other program. Go back to you EN windows. Hard to tell which is which. If you use ALT+TAB, its in the windows switching dialog, but if you're using a mouse you have to scroll up to see which title is which. That's a problem. You should be able to glance at the note window and know immediately by seeing the title what note you are looking at, regardless of how far down you have scrolled. Thanks.
  7. Here's a suggestion: In the new v.5 beta, when you are looking at a note, the title is now more or less part of the note. The problem is, if you have a long-ish note, and you scroll down, you cannot see the title of the note you are in. It's not in the topbar of the note window, either. So you no longer can see what note you are in. One of 2 things need to be done to fix this: 1. The title should not scroll, or... 2. The note should (optionally) show in the topbar to the right of the menu, perhaps. Thanks.
  8. From what I have been told, you can *only* store pics and sound files (music, podcasts) on the SD card, no matter what, rooted or not. It's in the nature of Android itself. So it' not going to be possible to store Evernote notes (SQLite DB?) on the SD card. Yeah, sucks, I know. Still, if you make sure your music and pics *are* going to your SD card, and you don't have too many apps installed, you should be able to make EN work on your Android phone.
  9. My experience has been that Burgers'N'Fries and gazumped will almost always respond to a reasonable feature request by first trying to persuade you you are being unreasonable. I think they should consider a new way of opening such responses. Yes, highlighting would be nice, and has been MUCH requested. I don't know why EN has not put it in yet. I have listened to all their podcasts and have not heard a decent response to this question yet.
  10. It is absolutely ridiculous you cannot choose where to put your off line notes (I am a premium users since 2009). BeyondPod lets's you do this. It cannot be that hard.
  11. I'm a SQL Server DBA, too. I have noticed the same thing. It seems to put spaces around the dots when you are pasting into Evernote. If you use CTRL+SHIFT+V past (no formatting) it won't do that, but you lose the syntax highlighting.
  12. No. Ultimately, nothing is truly private on a computer you don't own. Sorry, but that's the truth of it. The may be "private" in the sense that they cannot see them on an ongoing bases, but anything on that computer is available to your employer whenever they want to look at it.
  13. Chris Moorhouse on Google+ doesn't like the OneNote for Android. https://plus.google.com/u/0/107197032223538155416/posts Here's a review I found: http://androidactivist.org/opinion/app-review-onenote-for-android/
  14. OneNote Mobile for Android is now available worldwide http://blogs.office.com/b/microsoft-onenote/archive/2012/02/07/onenote-mobile-for-android-is-now-available-worldwide.aspx This looks interesting. I have been an EN premium users for lo these many years and am not likely to switch, but it would be interesting to see how this stacks up against EN on Android. If I get time, I will try it out and see and report back. If anyone already has, it would be interesting to see what they have to say about it. Thanks.
  15. The problem with ALT+SHIFT+A and ALT+SHIFT+A is that they take you also to All Notebooks. What if you just want to filter by that tag or attribute (say, created in the last week) in the notebook or stack you are in? It would be nice to have that as settable in Options -- All Notebooks or Current Stack/Notebook.
  16. I think integration with Google Calendar (or optionally Oulook Calendar) would solve a lot of the requests for calendar and reminder features. Springpad has Google Calendar integration and this seem to be a really compelling feature for many of its users.
  17. Try CTRL-SHIFT-V instead of CTRL-V and see if you like it better. Pastes without formatting.
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