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  1. They are not shortcuts now. You have to click about 3 times on average to get to them now. That's not a shortcut. I want the old shortcut bar back.
  2. From what I have been told, you can *only* store pics and sound files (music, podcasts) on the SD card, no matter what, rooted or not. It's in the nature of Android itself. So it' not going to be possible to store Evernote notes (SQLite DB?) on the SD card. Yeah, sucks, I know. Still, if you make sure your music and pics *are* going to your SD card, and you don't have too many apps installed, you should be able to make EN work on your Android phone.
  3. It is absolutely ridiculous you cannot choose where to put your off line notes (I am a premium users since 2009). BeyondPod lets's you do this. It cannot be that hard.
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