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  1. I'm wondering this for the web version also. I usually use the desktop app, but I'm on a different computer so I'm using the web version and wishing I could edit my tables. I can't add rows or columns, and I can't recolor the cells like I can on the desktop app. XP
  2. When we first got tables I was super excited. I'd already made a few notes that weren't as tidy as they are now, thanks to the use of tables. However, after the new update and everything looks different, the tables function differently in the Web version than they did initially. They're far less intuitive, as I can't even figure out how to add or delete cells, adjust the size of the tables, or how to type below the tables, all of which was very easy for me to do before. To be honest, I'm not sure you even can add or delete cells or adjust the size, which is extremely frustrating. I want a
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