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  1. On both my iPhone and iPad Pro Evernote will load and all my files are there. I can add a new file. However, when I search the app quits and sends me back to the screen (page) on my device where the app itself resides. I don't have a similar problem in my iMac where I have used EN for over 4 years. Today I went directly to https://evernote.com/login and with that donload I can seach the data base! So I would say the problem is with the Evernote app in the AppStore at Apple. Does anyone know if EN is aware of this problem and if so are they working on it? Thanks for help.
  2. I have a new iMac running OS Catalina 10.15.3 and since I installed my Evernote premium account (which I have used for over 8 years) on it I have received 4 "panic" attack notices which relate to problems with sleep/wake. These cause the computer to restart each time. Is this a known issue with Evernote and Catalina OS? Steaphan
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