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  1. My only guess is that when they rebuilt this new version from the ground up, some technical limitation prevents them from doing it. Evernote either forgot to account for it or deemed it not worth the extra work. There are only enough of us to cause a small stink but not worth their trouble. At least that's how it feels.
  2. @Anananas Thank you for keeping after them and finding out they have left us all hanging. I use Evernote with a team of people, and this won't work for us any longer. I've started researching alternatives but will start figuring out a migration plan. After some initial research, it looks like OneNote from Microsoft is the closest competitor (and it's free). There is a chance that it can index the scans as well. - Garrett
  3. Is anyone else seeing at least some support for Shared Search in the last few days? I opened up a shared notebook and it spent a minute reloading all of the notes. I THINK it is working again, but I also saw some notes still not come through.
  4. Thank you for writing me back! I guess we are all just waiting. It's incredibly frustrating because I reported this problem to them in the summer through their beta program. This seems like a substantial search issue. Hoping they resolve it soon.
  5. The new macOS (v10.x) and iOS versions of Evernote do not seem to allow me to search through Shared notebooks. I have to manually go dig up the notes I'm looking for. This was a problem on the beta version of the app which I reported several times, but it doesn't seem to be addressed. My business partner is also having search issues, so I don't think this is just me. Is anyone else having trouble with this? - Garrett
  6. Evernote auto-updated the other day, and I just realized what so many of you already knew. There are no tabs!!! Has anyone from Evernote responded to this?
  7. I have been testing out iOS’s Siri search with Evernote, and I can get Siri to show a list of the related notes. However, when I click on a note, it just opens Evernote to wherever I left off. It doesn’t take me to that specific note. Is this a restriction on the API or is it a glitch? If possible, this would make Siri incredibly useful. Thank you! - Garrett
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