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  1. Thanks, Jefito. I am using Evernote for Mac 6.13, which does not have the option you mentioned.
  2. Many of my notes are short. I would like to be able to print them one after the other so that they will fill the printed page before continuing onto a new page. At present I have to consume a sheet of paper for each printed note. I don't want to have to merge many notes into one in order to make efficient use of paper. I think many users would welcome an option to print multiple notes on a single page.
  3. I have the free Evernote account; I am running Mavericks on my iMac and iOS 7 on my iPad and iPhone. I haven't been able to find a clear explanation of where my data is stored and where it is not stored. I understand that all my notes are permanently stored (unless I delete them) on the Evernote servers and that I can access them through my browser if I want to. But: (1) Using the Evernote desktop app on my iMac, I seem to be able to access my notes very quickly, which suggests that copies of all my notes are also stored on my hard drive, updated when I sync, and where I can access them
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