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  1. Thanks, Jefito. I am using Evernote for Mac 6.13, which does not have the option you mentioned.
  2. Many of my notes are short. I would like to be able to print them one after the other so that they will fill the printed page before continuing onto a new page. At present I have to consume a sheet of paper for each printed note. I don't want to have to merge many notes into one in order to make efficient use of paper. I think many users would welcome an option to print multiple notes on a single page.
  3. Thanks, Christopher! Just what I wanted to know.
  4. I have the free Evernote account; I am running Mavericks on my iMac and iOS 7 on my iPad and iPhone. I haven't been able to find a clear explanation of where my data is stored and where it is not stored. I understand that all my notes are permanently stored (unless I delete them) on the Evernote servers and that I can access them through my browser if I want to. But: (1) Using the Evernote desktop app on my iMac, I seem to be able to access my notes very quickly, which suggests that copies of all my notes are also stored on my hard drive, updated when I sync, and where I can access them even when I am not connected to the Internet. Is this correct? (2) When I access notes from my mobile device they must be downloaded from the Evernote servers. Does this mean that they are only stored temporarily on my mobile device while I am viewing or editing them? When do these temporary copies disappear from the memory of my mobile device? (3) I understand that the Premium account will allow me to maintain copies of all my notes on my mobile devices at all times so that I can access them even when I am not connected to the Internet. Is this correct? It would be helpful to have this information clearly presented on the Evernote support site. Perhaps it is; I haven't been able to find it. In the meantime, can anybody provide answers to these questions? Thanks.
  5. I like to use on my Mac the Control-Command N shortcut to start a new note in Evernote. The blank window that appears, however, does not include the dropdown list that allows me to choose a notebook for the new note. So I have to create the note, then search for it in my large Inbox, open it and assign a notebook. Is there a quicker and more convenient way to do this?
  6. I am submitting this bug report here because the normal Evernote support system failed to upload my file attachment. When I used the "Add to Evernote 4" button to add the text of an Outlook email message, Evernote failed to reproduce a number of links and a phone number in the original. Details of the problem, along with relevant sections of the original text and the Evernote copy, are in the attached pdf file. Thanks, Evernote fails to copy links and number.pdf
  7. The release notes for version state: "Fixed issue where notes print at larger font size than expected." However, on my Windows 7 system at least, this fix does not appear to have worked. I enter my notes in 11 point Tahoma, which is comfortable for screen viewing. However, when I print them out, Evernote is still printing them at 14 or 15 point. The unexpectedly large size appears not only in the printed output but also in the print preview.
  8. I strongly second Mike's request that auto-capitalization in the title text box be made an option. In fact, I suggest that the auto-capitalization "feature" be removed entirely, because: (1) Almost Nobody Types Titles With A Cap On Every Single Word. It's a very outdated look (and, in fact, those publications that use do use extensive capitalization in titles and headlines retain lower case on prepositions and articles like "to", "a", etc.) (2) Users should be left free to make their own choices about what kind of emphasis, if any, to use in titles. (3) This auto-cap behavior on the Android version of Evernote does not appear in the web or Windows desktop versions of Evernote, in which the user is free to enter titles using whatever convention they like. There should be consistency of behavior across all platforms. (4) The auto-cap behavior is meant to be a convenience. But I am sure there are many more users who use other titling conventions than users who use Caps On Every Word, and it is an inconvenience to this majority to go back and re-edit the title. David
  9. Currently we can collapse or expand a single stack by clicking on the little triangle to the left of the stack name. It would be handy if there were a Collapse Stacks option in the View menu that would collapse all stacks so that we could have an overview of the entire data structure in its most compact form. An Expand Stacks option would expand all stacks and bring all notebooks into view.
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