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  1. Just checking in on status of Evernote. I got burned Sooo bad when it made the big jumt to v10 I think it was then that I told myself I will never again just automatically click to update ANYTHING EVERNOTE!!!!! v10.3 was released Early January. I set a reminder to check in on it 1 month later. AND more problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooo, tell me, when do I approve ANY update from my current one which STILL has issues given that EVERY update has issues??? As someone said earlier, "I don't care about fancy new features if I can't consistently author and edit text!!!" I don't want my car to make toast for me on the way to work!!!! My car that you made used to be awesome until YOU decided it needed to make toast for me. I now have engine and transmission problems with that once awesome car that if you just removed the toaster, it would be old faithfull again. You need to Evernote A&B A: Just author, edit, and save search these notes from multiple devices OR ALL the services of the old platform (I didn't use 70% of them) when it was at its best. B. Go hog wild for those who DO want a toaster in their car. (Psst, I don't know anyone who does AND more realistically, I honestly do not know anyone who uses all the GARBAGE you try to get this thing to do!!! YES! It IS GARBAGE or waste if nobody uses it AND in trying to UNSUCCESSFULLY make it work, it totally wrecks what I know EVERYONE that uses it ACTUALY does with it, which AGAIN, is Just author, edit, and save search these notes from multiple devices!!! Thought... Is there anyway to make Evernote alacarte????????????? To be able to buy ONLY the services the user needs so YOU stop bringing me to a grinding HAULT because of your toaster that I and EVERYONE else I know of, has absolutely NO use for!!! Offer individual services or abilities, small common bundles that someone who uses this as an artist, or a business manager, or a scheduler, or someone who needs a platform for multiple to acess 1 / the same project. I have NO need for ANY of that. Hey, Revive the Old / prior system for people like me who were happy back then but are angry now, then continue with this new platform or what ever you call it for those who insist on having that toaster in their car. GIVE ME BACK MY BASICS AND STOP MESSING WITH IT AND ME!!!!
  2. Same problem! VERY FRUSTRATNG!!! Hey Evernote!!! STOP "Improving" things! I just want to write a note and have my entry secure and accessible on my Windows laptop and iPhone. THATS IT! I don't need it to microwave a bowl of soup because you think that is a work related task (lunch break) YOU believe you need to address! Nope, I got it, BUT now that you have insisted you need to heat my soup your program will not do THE MOST BASIC task... THE sole reason I use it... which is letting me write and edit a note and synchronize it back and forth between my laptop and iPhone!!!!!!! THEN, Your fixes consistently make things worse!!! Evernote worked awesome about a year ago. The product in general was a 9 of 10. For like the past 10 months it has CONSISTANTLY gone down hill and is now a 2 of 10! WHAT IS GOING ON OVER THERE??? YOU have made your product worse and worse as you progressed. Think of the windshield wiper. It can not be improved upon! NOBODY has found a better method to remove water from the windshield of an automobile AND THAT'S OK AND IT WORKS GREAT! I don't know what you are doing BUT YOUR Aqua inhibitor hydro forcefield moisture reduction thingy is NOT working!!! GIVE ME MY WINDSHIELD WIPERS BACK!!!
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