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  1. Maybe you could work on merging conflicting edits into one note, Google Docs does that. For example when I edit completely different parts of the note it must be obvious what I wanted to do. If you can't, at least show the changes to compare.
  2. Hi, I use Evernote on Android and also on desktop. I made some changes to a note on Android and then changed the same note on desktop. After they synced, a coliding note was created. Both notes contain different versions of edits I made on desktop. The change I made on Android just disappeared. Happens probably for the first time. Potentially losing user's information. Here is a log, the problematic sync happens at 12:29. 12:28:25 [INFO ] [10224] [7084] UpSell: TsdEligibility: Show:0 NewCheck:2020/02/24 12:28:25 Type:Regular Timing:Suitable 12:28:31 [INFO ] [102
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