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  1. 1) I open a note on Android 2) I switch to a different app 3) instead of showing again the note, Evernote opens a new note screen so I must find again the note and I have my notebook full of blank notes
  2. I suggest bringing back the good old slider you could manually grap and slide wherever you want instead just swiping. (all notes or notebook view) Thanks
  3. Maybe you could work on merging conflicting edits into one note, Google Docs does that. For example when I edit completely different parts of the note it must be obvious what I wanted to do. If you can't, at least show the changes to compare.
  4. Hi, I use Evernote on Android and also on desktop. I made some changes to a note on Android and then changed the same note on desktop. After they synced, a coliding note was created. Both notes contain different versions of edits I made on desktop. The change I made on Android just disappeared. Happens probably for the first time. Potentially losing user's information. Here is a log, the problematic sync happens at 12:29. 12:28:25 [INFO ] [10224] [7084] UpSell: TsdEligibility: Show:0 NewCheck:2020/02/24 12:28:25 Type:Regular Timing:Suitable 12:28:31 [INFO ] [102
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