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  1. With the new Evernote 10 I am finally switching to Nimbus Note. Years of no real development, many requested features not implemented, often no reaction from the Evernote team to reasonable requests (for example on a 9(!) year old request for text collapse with a huge amount of user responses), and - the final straw - even removing important features in the new version, is enough. Not speaking of the half-baked new version that was thrown out missing a lot of features that could have been implemented (but may never be). Nimbus Note might not have everything I as a power user might want, but it
  2. I like the new look and some options of Evernote 10.0, including headers and the option to size the notes to an optimized width. But why was important functionality removed? That is (as I found out so far) for the Windows version: Dictionaries: Everything is only English now? My German notes are mostly underlined red. This is not readable and not ergonomic. Add unknown words to the dictionary: Gone. Even my English notes are now nearly unreadable with all the red underlinings, and I cannot do anything about it. Start Evernote with Windows (into the task bar): Gone Highl
  3. Still not implemented in 2020? Is the Evernote team interested in the user voice at all? Many apps have this feature already, and it is very important for a professional tool. As a developer myself I cannot understand, what's so hard in implementing this. Maybe the Evernote team can enlighten me?
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