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  1. I don't have time to try everything, but so far: Firefox extension clips to the Web account, has to be synchronized from the client to appear there. It's possible that if Windows Firefox, etc. were installed in Wine it would work directly, but the interprocess communication may not be there. File import seems to be OK (you can browse to other folders on the Linux partition as well as the Wine drive but I didn't really try it. It might work better in a virtual machine such as virtualbox or vmware, though of course you'd have to install Windows in the VM. A native Linux version would certai
  2. I'm running Ubuntu Linux and I use Wine (the Windows emulator) to run a number of Windows programs. I used Wine to install the Windows version of the Evernote desktop. I can't guarantee everything works the same as in native Windows, but the program opens, I can create notes, paste in text, etc.
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