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  1. Am I missing something? When I narrow the window, I lose the text from the title - the body text wraps as expected. This behavior doesn't happen on iOS for example so why would it happen on the Mac? As an example - if my Title is : "Am I missing something" - if I narrow the window - the right edge will disappear to something like "Am I mis" If this is normal behavior then Evernote becomes useless to me. Is this a bug? Really frustrating as I've just spent ten hours copying and pasting my notes from Apple notes - and now can't use anything because the whole point wa
  2. So Evernote won't wrap the text in the title? So that means when I am working on a Mac, in a narrow window, I can see the body text wrapped but not the title? Ok - I've just spent ten hours transferring my notes to have them be absolutely useless. I was really enjoying Evernote until then - and now I can't use it at all - because I use the titles as a reference -but now I can't see them when they get past the right edge of the screen. My goodness this is 2020!
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