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  1. That's it; i need to share many notes and we want to have a structure. 2.) I don't want to remember my tags. When i create a Note, i have to tag it by typing, thus remembering the explicit Tag for the usecase. That is not practical, cause Evernote is for storing Information so i don't NEED to remember everithing. I just would like to store/file away like i do with my Files in my Computer or in my Head: in Categories and folders. Someones with a flat Hierarchie, cuase simple and some with a deep hierarchy, cause complex. Used Evernote for 3 Companys and private and need more Power...
  2. Hi; first Page in the Windows Forum; biggest vote i see are 90, rest are mostly between 20 and 50. Maybe here in Windows area are a bit less people? Sure, that's totaly right - but 8 Years That's not at once. And again - Notion AND OneNote managed to have this feature. Just saying... Totally right, they have absolutly no obligation! They can choose whatever they see fit to inform their customers about their service. I just kinda liked Evernote and want to like it again. Hate to mention it, but: Notion f.e. has a List of upcoming improvements wich gets crossed off the list one by one. And that's just better customer service. And i would like to have EVERNOTE better customerservice & experience. To wish someone would make theri customers more happy in business means you wish them WELL, not bad
  3. Here are very few Votings at all, to all requests, but this is one with more votes. Not to much votings at all, in Overview over all Posts and the few that argue and wish for features are getting ignored ...
  4. Now it has been 8 Years this thread exists. For most apps in general a dark mode is the most normal thing in the meantime and evernote STILL does not provide it for Windows. Let alone an option to change the background colour. Meanwhile Notion is getting better every quarter. These folks don't seem to take 8 Years to implement a simple, normal and common request. It's a shame, cause I WANT to like Evernote, but it is so disappointing after years of use no improvement at all. As soon as OneNote gets usable Reminders or Notion gets Pen Support I will have to change because they just show so much more effort and practicability:(
  5. Wait - this Thread is year old and there is A) still no Support for Handwriting in Windows App? B) no answer in this thread from Evernote? Or did I miss something?
  6. I so much HATE Evernote as a company, for not answering to this really Basic Request, which so much of their competitors offer. Just make a deeper hierarchy possible for people, that need it. And NO, i can not achieve the same with tags - not in my collaboration/Teamsetting and not in my preference of using, thinking and filing Stuff. It would be such a great App, absolutly unbeatable, if they woudl offer some Hierarchy, (and some Functionality in Tables; please look at Notion). And make the Dark Mode for Windows Users already; the Mac Users already got it! As soon, as Notion improves their Android App and implement Handwiriting: i'm out. If nothing changes. And many others time by time for sure also.
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