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  1. Dear Evernote-Team, please give us a pespective, how long does it take to implement handwriting-support like we discuss it. Many Thanks for your work!
  2. In iOS (iPhone or iPad) exist a good option. In german "Skizze hinzufügen" (in english perhaps "add sketch"?). This option would be enough for me to solve the problem. But for now, any workaround is not acceptable for a the quality of evernote. Please make this iOS-feature available in Windows!
  3. I think this is the fault. I quotet not the .exb-file size. I verify this tomorrow and tell u the result. Thanks for now!
  4. Ah ok! I think the.exb is bigger, but i have not the whole Attachements. Could it be, that the Attachements only if i open them are downloaded in the Attachement-Folder?
  5. Yes, i only have one account. I use on both platform the same. Definitly!
  6. What you say is what i thought, but definitly: on the one Windows Desktop System i have far fewer data in the database then on my Laptop. I installed Evernote first on this Laptop. On both System i sync all Notebook, none of them is local. This is the reason for my question. It looks as if only notes that I call synchronized. Hmmm...
  7. Hi, i use two desktop systems (windows 10) with evernote for windows desktop. On my laptop i have the full (?) database with all (?) Attachements (near 5gb). On the other system i have only near 500mb. Question: Is my laptop system the "main" system for evernote and all data are syncing into the local database and the other system is only a "secondary" system for evernote and only the used notes are syncing in the local database (like on my iPhone)? Thanks for answers!
  8. Thanks for this nice workaround! The main problem still exist: the usability of the surface (with the surface pen) don't exist in evernote! Evernote is the best application by far for note taking and for organizing (and searching) a file cabinet, but the support of handwriting is a must-have in mobile-computing! I hope the evernote-team will incukde this in further versions...
  9. Dear Evernote team , I 've been a few years of intensive Evernote users in the private and professional spheres . I work for half a year with a Surface Pro 4 and do not want to miss it . However, unfortunately, very important aspect bothers me tremendously and drove me almost to Onenote : noting the miserable ways handwritten or draw in the Windows version of Evernote . Evernote Touch offers grotesquely no (Surface ) Pen support . The iOS version has indeed integrated drawing function and Penultimate . Is something equivalent for the Windows desktop version plans or ever has in mind ? I need practical advice on how I could solve by other apps by this problem. Greetings, Alex Greetings Alex
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