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  1. Evernote v8.0.4 for iOS Released

    Unfair. DTLow is not an Evernote employee, just an active user with much EN experience. I am grateful for insights he is sharing with us.
  2. Always asking for iTunes password

    What I was looking for, in 8.0.4, being caught in the update dilemma since 8.0.1? Just some more. It is definitely awkward to promote the new version 8 and its updates while being aware that not only some, but many, many users have the crash and itunes issues. Here it appears sensible to communicate more openly than with this short sentence in the marketing speak of the release notes. However, this point is moot. You are correct in some parts that jumping onto a new x.0 version is on everyone's one risk. Still, by carrying on to promote the new version - in the blog post on iOS Version 8 there was no hint as to problems - throughout the buggy 8.0, 8.0.1, 8.0.2, 8.0.3, 8.0.4 appears, well, sub-optimal. Nevertheless, I definitely appreciate your support to the community by sharing your experience. Cheers from Germany, EvB
  3. Always asking for iTunes password

    Confirm - works on Ipad and Iphone, both on iOS 10.3. And: A somewhat more proactive communication could have spared EN a lot of this shitstorm here and in the appstore. In particular as here in the forum there are many loyal and long standing EN users (fans, likers, whatever) who deserve to get at least some information. EN's silence definitely was counter-productive. Concerns both the crash and the itunes issue. BTW, still sloooooow.
  4. Always asking for iTunes password

    Have to confirm this, not only still the itunes-issue, but saved searches in shortcuts do not show. iOS 10.3 and EN 8.0.4 (updated from 8.0.2 where there was no such itunes-issue).
  5. Evernote v8.0.4 for iOS Released

    Well, after having seen that there was quite some activity in beta testing 8.0.4, I finally dared updating my main Ipad from 8.0.2 to 8.0.4 (my Ipad mini enjoys 8.0.3 with the known trouble). Pros: The install worked finely. (Some relief after upgrading 3 iOS devices to 8.0, 8.0.1, 8.0.2 and 8.0.3 including the deinstall-/reinstall-routine ...) Cons: 1. Saved searches gone from the favourites - very unfriedly act, did nobody in beta testing see this?? 2. Arggh, now I have the itunes-request on my main Ipad as well!! Some way to go.
  6. Evernote v8.0.3 for iOS Released

    Come on, EN, this cannot be serious - 8.0.2 worked, I tried to update to 0.3 on one of my Ipads, and - surprise!!! - it is crashing at startup again. Please refrain from rolling out what is not rolling, or worse, stopping a rolling system (8.0.2). Pity.
  7. iOS app version 8.0 crashes on launch

    Luv it! Great. That would be, as per today, an "alternative update" ... I am still wondering - as somebody who took part in various beta test of EN for various platforms for new major releases - why EN did not make use of the many EN users who are willing to take part in beta testing. 90% of the problems, hickups, foulups, bugs surely would have turned up in beta testing ... and would have saved us all the shitstorm regarding design (which can be experienced with almost every major update or release but here goes beyond common protests due to the technical deficiencies of the new version 8.0 and 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 and ???). Pity. As well that there is no adequate proactive crisis communication by EN on this truly disastrous update experience. Cheers, EvB
  8. Always asking for iTunes password

    Same here. Obviously related to the EN updates. However, since being so heroic to try the 8.0.2 update, at least the itunes login appears resolved. Cross my fingers ...
  9. Evernote v8.0 for iOS Released

    At least you can disable it, in the overal options in iOS, and that is what I just did.
  10. Evernote v8.0 for iOS Released

    Feedback for saved searches to different updates (iOS 10.2.1 each) Update 8.0 on my Ipad Air - reboot/reinstall-orgy, all saved searches visible Update 8.0.1 on Iphone and Ipad Mini - update without crashes (at least after first sync), but only one saved search visible. After syncing, after multiple use, after trying to refresh the last/saved searches list. Appears to be a bug. Favorites are fully visible (last notes and quick access), on all 3 devices.
  11. iOS app version 8.0 crashes on launch

    German App Store, 8.0.1 update works on IPhone with iOS 10.2.1. Thx.
  12. Jep, Ipad Air, and I refrained from updating on my Iphone and my Ipad Mini after the special experience. The similar panel should be somewhere ... Waiting for 8.0.1, EvB. Hold on, have a look at the topic "announcement" - Evernote v8.0 for iOS Released In the picture you see your missing panel, at the bottom, not left. Should definitely be there ...
  13. iOS app version 8.0 crashes on launch

    Jep, in particular for premium users with multiple devices.
  14. Evernote for Mac 6.11 Beta 1 Released

    The obsolete (former) Desktop Search feature would make this question obsolete. Ceterum censeo: Please bring back Desktop Search under MS Windows as we had it under EN 2.X (and 3.X?). Cheers, EvB.