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  1. Assigning tags is terribly laggy ... New with this version. Cheers, EvB
  2. Thank you. Deleting the .context-file appears to have done it. Cheers, EvB
  3. Did not see whether it was mentioned already above: The nuisance of a perpetual First Launch Experience (IIRC, that is the name) screen survived the beta. I am on (306729) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4193) and a 9 year user with > 18K notes. Still, at every startup I get the screen for new users. Annoying, very annoying. And: No, it does not disappear after 5 starts or so. Please remove this ... Cheers, EvB
  4. Thank you. However: Please provide instructions how to get rid of this nerve-wracking FLE-screen (First LaunchExperience?) in my note list. As a 9-year-user with > 18K notes I am not really a first time user with a first time experience. And: No, I am not interested and have no nerves to walk through these five steps, to create notes and notebooks etc. Been there, seen that. I already gave this information in the beta thread - there should be no FLE in the windows client of long time users. So far, I have my FLE groundhog day every day. Every morning - FLE. Since several weeks. And now with the final client as well. Thx, EvB
  5. Thank you for the explanation. Well, as a 9-year-user with X clients and close to 20K notes, I rather do not need a First Launch Experience. And at least with me, it does not vanish after a couple of starts. I have seen it now at least 30 times, I have dismissed it at least as many times and I even tried to walk through the 5 steps to get rid of it. So, please be kind enough to have a look at it or to provide an option to get rid of it. As I said before, no big deal but annoying. Cheers, EvB
  6. BTW, in the German version the search is still broken in some respects. As reported before, I have a saved search showing notes either created "today" or modified "today". What is working on my Mac and on the web (showing the results for "either") in the German EN client is changed to "all". Glad if you could have a look into this, should be an issue of localization if it does not appear like this in the English version.
  7. Thx for your replies. I just verified: It is not 10 years, after all. Just 9 years and 2 days :-)
  8. Here's the German language options dialogue with the unticked option for help: No big deal, as I said. But still should be fixed in the final version.
  9. Yessir, did that (I just had another try with truly ending EN). Besides, every morning that is my good morning user experience when I turn on my office computer.
  10. Hi there, I made a mistake - instead of posting my report to the latest beta here I opened a new thread in the Windows forum: Maybe you can shift it to this thread and have look at it ... Thx, EvB.
  11. Ups, I thought I had posted in the Beta thread. Sorry for that. Yep, I unticked the option equivalent in the German version to the one you mentioned. Did not help. I try to shift to the Beta thread ... Cheers, EvB
  12. I am using (306423) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.36.3494) - German Version - on Win7 Pro. Since a couple of days (most likely, the last beta update) I see some kind of a New User Information in my note list. Fine if I wasn't a 10-year-long user of EN. I tried to uncheck the pertinent option in the options ("Helfer-Benachrichtigungen"). Either this is not the correct place, or the option change is not working. Every time I start EN I find this information again on top of my note list. Well, just a click but still annoying. EDIT: The information window is called "Basics". Maybe I just do not find the right place where to disable it. Cheers, EvB.
  13. Maybe helpful for the Evernote team: This appears to be a localisation/translation issue of the non-English versions ... However, still a nuisance.
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