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  1. Installed fine and works, so far. I use EN on Win and Mac. Is there a plan to have color and styles for tags and notebooks on Mac, like in Windows? Thank you, EvB.
  2. > 14K notes; reindexing in less than 2 hours. More than reasonable. Colour: Light colours for styling notebook names are useless with a white sidebar (ever tried to see yellow on white?). The dark sidebar on my Mac is better, but the Mac client does not (yet) support notebook name styles.
  3. Well done: Information on the reindexing progress!
  4. Update: As nobody else mentioned clipper-problems, I had a closer look at Outlook. The clipper-add-in was deactivated, I assume by one of the prior private betas. With the official beta, I could reactivate the add-in. Works. Fine.
  5. Update from private beta worked fine. As in private beta, Oulook Clipper is broken Win 7 prof. with Outlook 2013.
  6. Stephane, sorry for the repetition, if you already are aware of it, but I think the product manager for Evernote for Windows should be aware of a quite popular user request: Desktop Search I recall times when Evernote had this feature, and it was promised to us generations of versions ago. Any news on this? Cheers, EvB.
  7. Is it identical to 6.3 Beta 1? My EN on Mac claims that 6.3 Beta 1 is the most recent version ...
  8. Beta Options: Nice typo in the German version. You should change "Beat Features" to "Beta Features" Well, sometimes some music would not be bad, as well.
  9. Please, please enable the user permanently (and not only for the beta period) to disable the "advanced" view because it is a huge loss of functionality with my use of EN on the Imac. It may be favourable under different conditions, with smaller screens, but for "regular" screens it is no improvement, in the contrary. Thx, EvB
  10. In the German version, it says "max. notebook size 25/100 MB" ("Notizbuchgröße"). I assume, it should be "note size" ("Notizgröße"). Cheers, EvB.
  11. What did I do to get that? Well, if I knew I might not have to ask Check for Updates in the help menu, that was what. OS: Win 7 Prof, language German (OS and En). It persisted even after reboot. Thx!
  12. In my actual Windows 7 client, when checking for updates, I reveice an illeglible window (see enclosed). Therefore I have to ask: Is 273492 public the last version? I am tuned into the beta stream.
  13. Linux Ubuntu - why not use WINE and the Win-version for such special cases? For me, on a spare Linux machine, this worked perfectly fine ...
  14. In 10, works fine. Thanks. Somehow Spotlight did not work in 9, but now: resolved.
  15. Spotlight support was not available at all in 5.6.0 beta 1. What OS are you running? Back again. OS= 10.9.4 For beta 1, there was the spotlight warning. But not for the last betas, in spite of earlier questions in this regard.