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  1. Can't believe there is such a long thread on this simple issue...
  2. Update: I've received a reply from the Ticket Support. However their solution isn't working. The problem has persisted for the last few days as far as I know. I've tried clearing my browser's cache and tried different browsers (Chrome + Firefox). However I'm being redirected to the same error page regardless.
  3. My premium subscription (trial) has expired. I'm a student and am trying to sign up for premium offer for students. However, upon clicking on "Sign In" under "https://evernote.com/students", I reach a page that says "Access Denied". "Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://maintenance.evernote.com/maintenance.html" on this server. Reference #18.3c9b1702.1576008668.629db863"
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