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  1. I understand what you’re saying but I, mistakenly, took premium subs. I use my iPad for everything - no desktop. Obviously my fault for not reading the App Store description correctly but there’s no way I can reverse my subscription as far as I can tell. That’s why I’m disappointed!
  2. Not a good experience on iPad alone imho. Seems like its an add on to the desktop not a fully realised app - I’m not sure where Evernote are going iOS wise so I’d stay clear. As they say round here it’s “all style and no trousers!” And it may not be as pretty but Apple Notes does as much - and even adds a date to each note! I’m one very disappointed customer!
  3. Hi all, new user of EN here. I wanted to start each new note title in my journal with date and time and couldn’t do it automatically within the app for some reason! Easily done, though, using IOS Shortcuts app! I created a shortcut which can be accessed via the home screen, today view, Siri or most other apps via the share sheet. When I click on the Shortcut it opens Evernote in my journal, or whichever notebook specified, with the date and time from your device added to to the title. Had to grant access to EN from ‘Workflow’ - which I think was the original name for Shortcuts - but apart from that it’s a breeze to do.
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