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  1. This is desperately needed, and I just can't believe so many years have gone by without implementing it. The distinction between a note and a document is meaningless. A note is a kind of document. Clearly Evernote isn't meant for manuscript preparation, but more complex outlines and pre-defined styles are important to organize thoughts and information meaningfully and usefully.
  2. Thanks everyone for the guidance. I didn't know about that. On the Mac it's only available at the individual note level, through the context menu, and not at the global level. But that's good enough for me!
  3. I often want multiple files/PDFs included in a single note, like a portfolio of documents. When scrolling through the note, Evernote requires me to scroll through every page of the PDF before I can see the next PDF in the stack. This really sucks. I need the ability to collapse/expand all PDFs so I can see the particular documents/files included a note at a glance.
  4. Still waiting ... six years later. I depend on styles to organize my thoughts and don't want to manually tweak a bunch of individual options. Evernote, please get this done! 👎
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