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  1. I search Evernote for "code block" and struck out. Where would I find info on this tip? Thank you.
  2. I don't know about indenting other than what is available on the iOS version. But don't know on a Mac. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for the response. However this EN user doesn't follow. Are there any examples available? And does your method work if one does not know ahead of time where in a Note there may be content added that you want in a different format? Thanks.
  4. Is there a way to add comments to a Note in a different format? For example, I often have a list of questions for an upcoming meeting. Then when I'm in the meeting or on the call, I'd like to add the answers to that Evernote Note but in a different format from the questions. Either change color or change to italics or some differentiating formatting. I don't want to go back after the fact and highlight them and change them which is what I do now and is time consuming and inefficient. So does anyone know of a way to set editing of an existing Note to a new format and then return to normal after finished with that editing? I hope my question is clear. Thank you for any suggestions.
  5. I'm a relative beginner with Evernote and continually frustrated when using either the bullet or numbered list formatting. I use lists frequently but I'm more accustom to the variety of options in MS Office. Are there ways to change the formatting options for Notes in Evernote? Thank you.
  6. Is there a way to have Evernote use my email client for sending Notes to share with others? Not sure how they are sent but there is no record in my email client of the send action. I want to have a record of sending Notes which I can't do if there is no record of the send. I contacted EN and they said to post in Forums. Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. It seems like there are many times when I'm in Evernote and it appears as if a Note is active in the list in Snippet View but it is not. I initiate an action, such as Delete, and nothing happens. I click on the Note in the Snippet list and it does not change in appearance in any way but then if I Delete the action takes. Am I doing something wrong or is this just Evernote and I should enter a request/suggestion. Thank you.
  8. I probably confused everyone. Sorry. And to answer your question: No. I'll try again.... If I forward an email, it arrives as an Evernote Note just like it would if it was in my email client. Subject is: Fwd: xxxxxx and in the body of the Note is the forwarded email complete with when forwarded and then in quotes the full email with its header on top. Identical to what I'd see in my email client. It would be nice to have the Note be without the quotes but it is OK for my purposes. It works well enough as the base for a Note in Evernote that I'm creating. However, if I bcc an email. I again get as a Note what I would as an email in my email client.... The subject and the body of the email. But I'd like more. I would like to have the header so I would know to whom and when the email is sent. That is missing since the headers of incoming emails to Evernote are not included. My workaround today is to send an email, not bcc and then forwarded that sent email to Evernote. That is OK but not very efficient and the extra step is one more opportunity for me to forget to send that email to Evernote. I hope this is clearer. Thanks for any ideas or a better workaround or just confirmation that what I'm doing is the only option. Thank you.
  9. I sometimes forward an email to my evernote account to create a Note but I also sometimes find it more efficient to bcc an email to my evernote. However, if I bcc I end up having an email created Note in Evernote that does not have any headers and really on a glance does not even look like an email. Is there a simple way to make a bcc email created Note look like a forwarded email with headers? Thank you for any tips.
  10. OP back. Thank you. But disappointed. Curious how others deal with this situation under the current Evernote. Hope "soon" is soon.
  11. As a relative Evernote beginner, I'm trying to find an efficient way to add text to a Note in a different style (like in MS Word). Frequently, I would like to differentiate in a Note between my text and input from others. I have not found an easy, efficient and repeatable way to switch to different styles in Evernote. Appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
  12. Thanks much for the screen shots. Very curious.....Here's mine and no go..... Guess I can't upload. Oh well.... I used the exact same key combo in this last test as yours. Still doesn't work. Whoops... Bingo. :-) Decided to test from menubar to make sure key combo was now showing there and it was. Obviously the shortcut worked there as it did before any key combo was added. But now after using from the menu drop down, the key combo shortcut now works. No warning alert. Go figure. Thanks much.
  13. Thanks. I'll keep trying. I keep getting an alert sound. Probably operator error.
  14. Thanks for the work-around suggestion. Back to Scott's suggestion: Can one create keyboard shortcuts for Evernote on a Mac? I keep failing on my attempted shortcuts but since I don't create shortcuts frequently I may be missing a step. Thank you.
  15. Thank you. I'll give creating a try. On the PS, sorry about my poor description of the issue. I'll try again...... FYI, I'm on a Mac and use Snippet View. I'll be editing a Note in the window on the right side on the Evernote page. I've used a Shortcut search to get to the current list of Notes. Part of my editing will usually or often involve changing the Notebook or tag. As a consequence, as soon as I change the Notebook or tag the Note vanishes from view even though I'm probably not finished editing. Grrrr... Off I go to find it. To avoid that, now I always Open the Note in a Separate Window but I find that added step slows me down. So curious if experts, that excludes me, have an approach to this. Thanks.
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