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  1. I am forced to use tags because I ran out of notebooks. I have only 10,000+ notes. This is only a fraction of what I want to enter. Evernote stated "Evernote started with the aspiration to become your external brain." The problem is that this is too small of an external brain. For example, there are more than 64,000 medical diagnoses that I use in ICD10 and DSMV. There are thousands of CPT medical procedures. There are thousands of symptoms. There are thousands of neurotransmitters, hormones, and other molecular signals. There are thousands of medications and supplements. Add all of the categories in neuroscience, basic sciences, medicine, psychiatry, biology, biochemistry, etc. and you will quickly outstrip Evernote's tag capabilities with only one note for each tag. As a physician, Evernote is a very small peripheral brain. I realize I have to limit the information I store in Evernote because it is limited. The 10 GIG monthly data limit is actually not the problem. I seldom reach it once I realized Evernote wasn't designed to handle large PDFs which take forever to synchronize once I made a change. The problem is Evernote's limited ability to categorize data. Evernote's limitations make it more a small pocket notebook where its limitations in categorization and storage are kept in mind. This makes Evernote akin to the Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia. It cannot hold the data of the much larger Physician's Desk Reference. Microsoft OneNote on the other hand is akin to several large binder notebooks which can contain the organized data of the Physician's Desk Reference and hundred's of textbooks. OneNote has no note size limitation other than the size of your hard drive. It has unlimited numbers of notes. It has unlimited sections - which are like Evernote's Notebooks. And it has multiple notebooks - which are like having multiple simultaneous Evernote Accounts. The primary problem of OneNote is the user interface. And it is glacially improving. But already, it has copied Evernote's 3-pane view. With further copying, it should eventually become a viable unlimited clone of Evernote. With Microsoft's CEO wanting it to be the primary cloud company, development may eventually be very aggressive. Additionally, OneNote for Business is HIPAA Patient Privacy compliant. Evernote is not. Evernote's desire to add machine learning and access to your data doesn't bode well for future HIPAA compliance. I hope Evernote keeps ahead of the game by continuing to improve its product. I like it. I find it convenient to use. But running up against it limitations is frustrating and irritating - and a learning experience. Microsoft OneNote is not a viable replacement yet. So I'd like Evernote to improve its usefulness as a peripheral brain. Note that a single human brain can contain all of the data on the internet at this moment. Our memory for pattern recognition - i.e. tags - is close to unlimited. So a peripheral brain with only 250 folders and 100,000 tags is clearly not enough. It is like scraps of paper compared to what we can actually store.
  2. I just reached Evernotes 250 notebook limit. And I'm irritated. I am a physician. I study subjects including all of neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, endocrinology, immunology, neurology, general medicine, gastroenterology, nutrition, pharmacology, technology, computer programming, web design, photography, videography, exercise and sports, language, culture, etc. 250 folders is simply too small a number to organize the information I have. Sure, tags can be used. But tags takes more work, more typing, more time to use. And you have to do a search every time you want to find your data. I am not an office clerk. Time is important. Both tags and notebooks are simply pointers to the actual data. if 100,000 tags are allowed, then why not 100,000 notebooks? Further, since notebooks only have two level hierarchy, why not more levels? Please make Evernote much more useful for us. Weaknesses like this are openings for competitors.
  3. Thanks for the answer. Evernote is NOT HIPPA Privacy compliant at all. You cannot store any private data on Evernote since it is not automatically encrypted to the HIPAA Standard. Darn. It would be so useful to store patient data on Evernote and have it available everywhere I go. Single note encryption is not useful if you have to encrypt and decrypt thousands of notes. Evernote can't even search these notes nor PDFs. Microsoft Office365 for Business' OneNote is HIPPA compliant but the interface really is bad and practically unusable. if they copied Evernote's 3-pane view, then OneNote would be the go-to for storing private information that you can search. Hopefully one day Evernote can be HIPPA privacy compliant one day.
  4. Will Evernote become compatible with HIPAA requirements for privacy like Microsoft's Office365 for Business is? This way, patient private data can be stored on Evernote? HIPAA = Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Is there any way to automatically encrypt all the notes you enter in Evernote? Currently you have to encrypt each note manually - which is very tedious when you have thousands of notes.
  5. Thanks. I submitted it. Your issue has been assigned support ticket #63382. You have also been emailed a confirmation including this number. You should receive an email confirmation immediately. If you do not, please check your Spam folder or check your email address on file in your Evernote account settings. If the email is incorrect, please change it and thenresubmit your ticket. Your request is now awaiting assignment with our support team. Responses are made in the order received. Thanks, The Evernote support team
  6. What did they tell you about what was causing Evernote to crash/freeze/become unresponsive? I am very very interested in their response. I also tried uninstalling using AppCleaner then re-installing. I did this a few times. Each time, Evernote froze while Evernote Helper was running in the background. Evernote automatically, without your permission, runs Evernote Helper in the background. Somehow, Evernote Helper was freezing/making Evernote unresponsive. Only be cutting out Evernote Helper from within the Evernote App could I make the Evernote App run - in the current and previous version. Evernote runs very well without Evernote Helper. So I wonder what Evernote Helper is exactly helping with. And why should Evernote Helper install a second copy of itself outside of Evernote that runs automatically on Login without placing itself in the Login Items in Preferences like other apps do?
  7. Evernote Helper did it again. I was using the non-Mac App Store version of Evernote - version 5.1.3. It was working fine since I surgically removed Evernote Helper from it. This evening, Evernote notified me of the version 5.1.4 update and asked if I wanted to install it. I clicked the dialog box and Evernote updated itself. Low and behold, Evernote again froze/became unresponsive/crashed on startup. On Activity Monitor, Evernote was highlighted in red by a notification it was unresponsive. And Evernote Helper - listed as "Evernote" was again active. Despite deselecting the preference to keep Evernote Helper from running, Evernote by default loads and runs Evernote Helper when Evernote is launched. And it is freezing Evernote. I regard this as a show-stopping bug and flaw. Evernote helper should never run. There is no reason for it to run. And I chose to not run it. Yet it was there in memory, alive and kicking and freezing Evernote. Not wanting to restart my Mac, I did the following: 1. Force-Quit Evernote using Activity Monitor 2. Found Evernote in the Finder. Opened the Evernote package. 3. I couldn't simply delete Evernote Helper since it was currently running. So I used the app Permanent Eraser to forcefully erase the file by overwriting it. 4. I then Force-Quit Evernote Helper in the Activity Monitor. It did not restart automatically as in the past (Hooray!). 5. I did a search of my Mac using Easy Find to see if there was any copy of Evernote Helper placed elsewhere on my computer. There was none. Looks like Evernote Helper did not replicate this time (thank God). Evernote - with Evernote Helper surgically removed - worked again! Booyah! Looks like as long as Evernote runs Evernote Helper when it starts, then it has to be repeatedly removed to keep Evernote working. Please - oh please - Jackolicious, can you tell Evernote's engineers to give users the option to NEVER run Evernote Helper. Evernote should NEVER load Evernote Helper by default. Other apps give users the option to not launch helper background apps. And certainly, keep hawking your engineers to figure out why Evernote Helper is crashing/freezing Evernote. There is one clue: Evernote Helper is NOT showing up on the Menubar when it is running. It is a completely background app. Maybe Evernote helper is the one that is crashing - but since it lacks a user interface (no Menubar presence) it isn't listed as becoming unresponsive.
  8. App Sandboxing doesn't cause crashes. It simply limits what an app can do with other apps and limits where apps can store their files. Sandboxing reduces the risk of crashing by limiting what an app can do. The non-App Store versions of apps are much less limited in what they can do - for example, storing their files anywhere on the computer as opposed to only certain folders/directories. Apple Mail crashes because it still has bugs - unrelated to sandboxing - such as in how it manages memory or how it manages multitasking etc. Apple changed the database it used so that Mail can store hundreds of thousands of emails - which choked earlier versions. In my case, both the App Store and the non-App Store versions of Evernote froze/became unresponsive/crashed until I excised Evernote Helper.
  9. I would backup then use Onyx to intensively clean out the caches, and do maintenance tasks including rebuilding the dyld's shared cache.
  10. In a nutshell, I completely removed Evernote, Evernote Helper (including the clone of itself it installed outside of Evernote), and every file related to Evernote from my Mac. Then upon reinstalling Evernote and before starting it, I did surgery on it by opening up its package contents and trashed Evernote Helper, emptying the trash to erase this app within Evernote. Once done, starting Evernote allowed it to synchronize and reload the data stored on Evernote's servers back to my Mac. I haven't had problems since. Note that the freeze/crash/becoming unresponsive on startup behavior I found from Evernote occurs before Evernote has a chance to even create files on the Mac, in interaction with Evernote Helper (which apparently froze Evernote. On reinstallation of Evernote, there are no other Evernote Files on the Mac. They only exist in the cloud on Evernote's servers. If you succeed in getting Evernote to start synchronizing after it creates its files, yet it crashes, then the problem is different. For example, it may be a permission's problem, or other. I would first backup the Mac. Then I would use Onyx to do maintenance and cleaning tasks, including repairing permissions and removing various caches which may have old data which interfere with Evernote. I see that Evernote has been updated once again, to now version 5.1.4. It will be interesting to see if it freezes on startup.
  11. A customizable toolbar is a MAC feature. It should be in a Mac app like Evernote. Otherwise, we know you are simply porting over the PC version of Evernote to the Mac.
  12. I'm glad Evernote with Evernote Helper active works for you. However, it looks like it doesn't work for a lot of people - including me. Since I pay for Evernote's premium service, this was a frustrating experience. Clearly, for years, Evernote has had problems starting up on various systems. All you have to do is google it. This one thread and topic has been going on since March 2013. Obviously it has been a headache for many on and off since then. And there are multiple threads through the years similar to this one. Evernote Helper is not necessary to use Evernote. Obviously, you don't even use it on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or via the Web Browser interface. Clearly, Evernote Helper is somehow interacting with some part of the system - either Mac OS X itself or a third party app. If Evernote Helper is a central problem causing startup issues with Evernote, then I am all for getting rid of it. I have never seen such an aggressive background app like Evernote Helper. You can usually force-quit background apps. But not Evernote Helper. Since it also replicates itself - not just staying within the Evernote App like other similar functioning background apps - it is like a virus. This is how it can keep starting up in your system despite uninstalling Evernote. This is also why it can survive restarts of the system despite Evernote being removed. What is the purpose of keeping itself alive when Evernote is uninstalled? There is no purpose other than something like Malware does. Removing Evernote Helper like excising a tumor has made me a happy camper now that Evernote is again available on my MacBook. It looks like Evernote for me is running like a champ, stable, fast, etc.
  13. I FOUND THE SOLUTION! Evernote will crash if the preference was ever set to "Keep Evernote Helper in the background when I quit Evernote" or if Evernote Helper is running as a background app. Evernote Helper is stored within Evernote.app itself in the Evernote.app/Contents/Library/Loginitems/ folder. When Evernote Helper is EVER started, Evernote Helper then makes a copy of itself like a virus in the ~/Library/Containers folder. It can then start by itself even when Evernote is uninstalled. And it can start itself through restarts or start ups.. When Evernote hangs or crashes, Evernote Helper persists as a background app in memory, called "Evernote". When you try to force-quit Evernote Helper, it respawns. This is true even if Evernote is trashed since Evernote Helper made a second copy of itself. Even when Evernote is uninstalled, Evernote Helper starts itself and stays in memory. This is because of the second copy of itself that it placed in your system. If you un-install Evernote, Evernote Helper will prevent you from restarting or shutting down your Mac. When you erase everything linked to Evernote so that you can start clean (such as by using EasyFind, restarting, then using EasyFind again - since Evernote Helper makes a copy of itself like a virus), starting Evernote will succeed - allowing you to log in - unless Evernote Helper is restarted also. If you quit Evernote, it will pop up a dialog box to try to get you to keep Evernote Helper in memory. Absolutely do not select this. It is a trap. If Evernote Helper is in memory already, then Evernote will crash when you try to quit without selecting to keep Evernote Helper in memory. THE PROBLEM IS EVERNOTE HELPER. IT BEHAVES LIKE A MALWARE VIRUS. IT PREVENTS EVERNOTE FROM STARTING. And it is difficult to uninstall because it will place copies of itself in your system. And it is impossible to force-quit since it respawns itself. On my MacMini, where Evernote works perfectly, Evernote Helper was never started, nor was the preference set to keep it running in the background. This is why Evernote kept running even with updates. The same was not true of my MacBook's version of Evernote. I fell into the trap of allowing Evernote Helper to run in the background. The solution is to get ride of Evernote Helper: 1. Use App Cleaner to uninstall Evernote and as much of its related files as it can. 2. Use EasyFind to search for "Evernote" to delete any file related to Evernote. This includes browser extensions, growl extensions that can trigger Evernote Helper. 3. Restart. 4. Use EasyFind to again search for "Evernote" to delete any file related to Evernote - in case Evernote Helper made copies of itself. 5. Restart. 6. Check Activity Monitor to see that Evernote Helper (listed as "Evernote") is not active. If not, then you have a clean system. 7. Reinstall Evernote - via the App Store or by downloading it (such as from Filehorse.com - which also has earlier versions). 8. DO NOT START EVERNOTE YET. YOU HAVE TO REMOVE EVERNOTE HELPER FIRST. 9. Select the Evernote.app, right-click, and show package contents. 10. Go to the Evernote.app/Contents/Library/Loginitems/ folder. 11. DELETE EVERNOTE HELPER. 11. Start Evernote. Yay! My Evernote App has now successfully started, restarted, and works. Removing Evernote Helper is necessary so you never fall into the trap of allowing this virus-malware software to get into your system. Whenever Evernote updates the app, you may have to manually remove Evernote Helper again.
  14. Where can I DOWNLOAD an older version of Evernote? While Evernote's engineers work on updating Evernote to a version that doesn't crash on startup, I want to get an earlier version that wasn't crashing.
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