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  1. Evernote support recommends deleting Evernote and all of its support files - everything associated with Evernote on your hard drive INCLUDING your notes and files that you store on Evernote. You have to use an app called AppDelete (or similar) to accomplish this. It is a PITA because you then have to reinstall Evernote then download ALL YOUR FILES back onto your computer. If you have TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PDFs and OTHER FILES and NOTES, this can take HOURS. If you then have to do this again every time Evernote Spotlight Plugin starts crashing again, you realize this is a HUG
  2. Using an AppCleaner to completely eliminate Evernote and its data (i.e. your notes and files on Evernote) then reinstalling Evernote doesn't work. And it is very inconvenient if you have gigabytes of notes and files to download from Evernote. ------------------------- To solve the problem, I bought a NEW Macbook Pro 16-inch with 64 GB RAM and 2 TB SSD with MacOS Catalina Preinstalled. I then installed Evernote as the FIRST new application installed on the Freshly Made Macbook Pro. Evernote Spotlight still crashes and repeatedly crashes. This means Evernote supp
  3. That's true. Evernote Web Clipping is a SEPARATE Application on MacOS from Evernote Itself since Mac OS Safari has strict rules on Plugins.
  4. The EvernoteSpotlight quit unexpectedly Bug has been going on for months. It even occurred with me on a NEW MacBookPro 16" 2019 with 64 GB RAM, 2 TB SSD with the only addition being a FRESH Evernote installation. The problem is NOT with the Evernote application. The problem is the EvernoteSpotlight PLUGIN that is installed in Evernote itself. This is the piece of code that crashes. ---------- Evernote supports solution DOES NOT WORK. They want you to completely deinstall Evernote and wiping out all traces and files of Evernote then
  5. Thanks for the answer. Evernote is NOT HIPPA Privacy compliant at all. You cannot store any private data on Evernote since it is not automatically encrypted to the HIPAA Standard. Darn. It would be so useful to store patient data on Evernote and have it available everywhere I go. Single note encryption is not useful if you have to encrypt and decrypt thousands of notes. Evernote can't even search these notes nor PDFs. Microsoft Office365 for Business' OneNote is HIPPA compliant but the interface really is bad and practically unusable. if they copied Evernote's 3-pane view,
  6. Will Evernote become compatible with HIPAA requirements for privacy like Microsoft's Office365 for Business is? This way, patient private data can be stored on Evernote? HIPAA = Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Is there any way to automatically encrypt all the notes you enter in Evernote? Currently you have to encrypt each note manually - which is very tedious when you have thousands of notes.
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