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  1. How can I submit "change Evernote local database location" as a feature request?
  2. I noticed slowness in: - startup when you launch the application - the user interface when clicking from one notebook to another (I See "loading notebook..." a lot in V10, not in V6.25) - clicking on a link and seeing the note details. It looks like V10 needs to get everything from the cloud, while V6.25 has everything local) - syncing when I enter something in Windows, and when it is synced to the cloud. I have 19.000 notes synchronized in my notebooks and use a 200 mbit symmetrical fiber internet connection
  3. @Dave-in-Decatur thanks for the link! I installed Evernote Legacy. Unfortunately version #10 lacks too many features and is too slow. I have been a happy paid Evernote customer since December 2008. For the first time I am considering to move my Evernote notes to a different platform like Notion... I am also involved in software development and I know that refactoring is very difficult, but the way version #10 was introduced is unfortunate (to say the least). The iOS client transition was painless for me, so you expect the same for the Windows version.
  4. First of all: thank you for the new version! It looks very nice and I am happy there is some new development. About the missing functions: It would be better to tell beforehand what is missing in the current #10 release. It came as a surprise after installing the #10 version that getting a screenshot (right-click on icon to take a snapshot) or offline notebooks were not supported. And you say the vintage version and the #10 version can run simultaneously, but the #10 installation application has a special "Evernote cleanup utility" which removed the old version. So can you make
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