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  1. Solved. No idea why it wasn't there, but when I inserted a different key combo, that showed up, then when I went back to CTRL-PRSCR that was fine as well. Thanks.
  2. Yeah, multiple times. It hasn't worked since I reset W10 a few weeks ago and reinstalled everything fresh. Everything else seems fine, but not this. Confusing and annoying.
  3. So, I've used CTRL-PRTSCR as the key combo for bringing up the screen clipper forever. However, I'm now getting an error message (attached) no matter what hotkey combo I put into options. Right-clicking the system tray icon and selecting "clip screenshot" works, but it's obviously nothing like as convenient. Any suggestions?
  4. This. And some info from actual Evernote people might be a nice thing for those of us stuck out here.
  5. Because they're not a real tree - you can't have Housing-Suburb-Richmond and Sports-AFL-Richmond, which makes them pretty useless.
  6. At one time, in the distant past, iOS was the biggest-selling OS. It's not even close to the case these days, but some developers haven't got the memo.
  7. Yeah, it's been asked for before (and not just recently), but doesn't seem to be on the radar. I use different notbooks all the time that need to be sorted differently, and yes, it's a PITA to need to change to sort order EVERY time you switch.
  8. My Windows version remembers it fine. I'd love it to remember the search order by notebook/tag, as I'm forever switching when I move from one set of data to another. It is frustrating, but I just "add from the top" which sorts it out - add image to note, then put a bunch of returns above it, then drag the next image to just above the first one, and so on. Add more returns as needed.
  9. In Chrome, I just select the image, right-click and select Evernote Web Clipper / Clip image. Same in FF, and it's a complete PITA to do it that way on a regular basis.
  10. I'd REALLY like a key-shortcut/button for "clip image". I grab a lot of images off the web, and I don't want the whole page, I just want the big image on the page.Evernote is clever enough to have the "clip article" function, surely it wouldn't have any issue with picking the biggest image on a page. Would save me a LOT of time.
  11. This, absolutely. Every time I have to click on the PDF it strikes me that this is a totally redundant step.
  12. You can set the import folder so it deletes after importing, so no second copy that way.
  13. I agree with you - the flat tag structure means I've got to use multiple notebooks/badly-names tags, and it's a real annoyance.
  14. That was what I did when I was scanning old stuff, and then just transferred blocks over to the synced notebooks and stayed under the monthly limit (back when it was 500MB/month) so I didn't lose my syncing. Then I just dumped stuff in during the last day of the cycle to make sure I got to the limit.
  15. Far out, some of those posts - "I want this, therefore it should be easy, so give it to me." It's not like this is a $200/year service - it's less than $50. A complete bargain already.
  16. Good luck with that one - apparently looking like it's hierarchical is good enough.
  17. It's an apparent- or pseudo-hierarchy, not an actual one, unfortunately.
  18. I'm glad you now believe :-) Just to add to it, I can delete "old" tags (created in the dark, dark past), but not newer tags. I can't tell you what the cutoff date for the flip-flop is (who remembers when they created a tag?) but it exists. If I tag a note with an old tag (I tested with one created in 2008, I could tell form the name) and a new tag, I cannot delete the new tag no matter what I do - adding to the note, clicking in the note body, etc - but the older tag comes off no problem. Strange.
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